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Pen Review: Post-It Flag Pen w/ 50 red flags.


Post-It Flag Pen. I stumbled upon this model from the Post-It flag pen line at Staples last night and I am in love. Again, not interested in the flagging technology, but I am loving this pen. It is similar in barrel width and shape to the flag highlighter I scored last year. I longed for a way to cannibalize that highlighter, but ended up destroying it.  Fortunately, I only spent $.50 for the highlighter on clearance. Anyway, the pen version is mine. Unfortunately, it is ballpoint. While the writing is generally consistent, there is some skipping. I wish this model came in gel ink. That said, the ink is dark and gorgeous. I get nervous about black ballpoint pens because of their tendency to write dark gray rather than true black. No such worries here. I’m not really a fan of the twisting mechanism that releases the flags. It makes the pen feel kind of fragile and somewhat unstable. Since I don’t use the flags much or really at all, I just keep it closed. The barrel is wide and I love how it feels in the hand. It’s plastic so it’s not going to be weighty and the rubber grip provides hours of comfortable writing. Based on the design, it seems the pen isn’t really geared towards people who write by hand for long periods of time, but I wrote about six pages in my journal last night using this pen and it was totally comfy. All in all, I’m really hearting this pen. Pros: sexy design, nice dark ink and comfy writing instrument Cons: only flags are refillable, ballpoint ink and kind of wonky when you’re trying to use the flags. Cost: $4.39 at most office supply ret


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