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The Five Pens You’ll Meet In Heaven


Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, here are the five pens currently taking me everywhere I want to go.
flag gel pen

The Post-it Flag Gel Pen is one of my favorite pens. I found it by accident while perusing an office supply catalog. It was love at first sight. I should mention that I am very obsessed with pens and all things related to writing by hand, but I am in no way an expert in anything other than what I like. I have no idea whether or not this pen will take YOU where you want to go. I only can talk about my own feel good factor. I love how this pen writes and wish it were refillable. I really have minimal use for the flags, so basically it’s the barrel that gets me hot. I prefer a chunkier barrel and so often times I pretty much will make do with any pen that aesthetically pleases me. I am shallow that way. I think it’s pretty pricey at $6.50 for two, considering that I can run through these pretty quickly and am then left with a flag dispenser that hurts my feelings.


Ah, the mighty RoseArt SRX-770 grip. This is my favorite pen. Perfect in every way. Thick barrel, substantial length and nice dark, smooth ink. Unfortunately, I have four left and have been unable to find them at Kmart anymore. I have scoured the depths of the internet to find someone selling these damn things. They are cheap $4.99 for a pack of four and utterly dreamy. I want a pen fairy to send me a box of them. I keep putting twenty bucks under my pillow and wake up each morning with no box of SRX-770s. Still, I use them with wild abandon. Again, not refillable so there’s no way for me to cannibalize this pen and save the barrel.

sharpie retractable

Sharpie Retractable Pen is a lot cuter than I thought when I first purchased them from Office Depot. I had gone on a pen bender so by the time I got around to these I was grabbing anything pen shaped. I was underwhelmed when I tested them but came across a review and decided to give it another shot. I actually warmed up to it, though to be honest, I don’t like blue ink pens. I like dark ink and I just tend to associate blue ink with scratchiness, fading and general blahness on the page. This is wonderful because I long to be a Sharpie enthusiast, but the smell of their products kind of makes me hork.
staedtler blue pen

Hello Staedtler 1.6mm Maxum. The dark blue ink dazzles me every time. I don’t even like the looks of the pen, but the ink, so smooth, gliding effortlessly across the page is too hard to resist. I bought these from Staples and hated having to deal with the other crappy colors (hello, orange?) in order to get the blue and black that I really like. Still it seems a small price to pay to have this inkgasm. Mostly, I cannibalize the ink and put into a barrel I like better. I don’t like how the pen cap doesn’t fit the barrel and often falls off and disappears forever, taking along sock mates and every copy of ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ I’ve ever bought.
ballpoint flag pen

Post-it Flag ballpoint pen is less thrilling than its gel sibling, but I do like the white barrel. Even after a session of Morning Pages the barrel isn’t all jacked up and nasty looking. I kind of dig on that. Again, the same cons as the gel version: not refillable and useless after the ink is gone. Still, I love the way it feels in my hand and how it writes.

Now I want to go pen hunting.

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  1. Tym permalink
    11/28/2009 3:43 pm

    Hey, your handwriting is really nice! How do you hold your pen and do you press hard, cause my handwriting is terrible.

  2. 11/28/2009 5:36 pm

    I press medium hard, and I hold the pin chop stick style. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Gluestick Goddess permalink
    12/07/2009 1:42 pm

    This post is hilarious and informative. I am going to hunt for some of the pens mentioned.

  4. Pagancraftgrrl permalink
    12/07/2009 1:44 pm

    I really like using the Sharpie RT. It’s pretty much the only pen I use. Also for those pens you can’t find anymore, have you tried places like Dollar Stores or Family Dollar? They often have discontinued office supplies and you might be able to purchase quite a few for cheap.

  5. Richard permalink
    12/07/2009 1:45 pm

    Your penmanship is quite impressive. I use a Sharbo X and Pilot Dr. Grip pens. Really enjoying your posts. You seem to know a lot about pens!

  6. Kelly permalink
    12/07/2009 1:47 pm

    Found you through Pen Addict’s link. I have a serious pen addiction. I can’t stop buying multipens.

  7. 12/07/2009 3:24 pm

    Pagancraftgrrl – Thanks for the suggestion. It hadn’t occurred to me to check those kinds of places, but I think on my next supply run I will.

    Richard – Thanks! I lust for the Sharbo X and I’m glad you like what you’re reading here. I am pretty sure I don’t actually contribute to the pen body of knowledge, but I sure do like them quite a bit.

    Kelly – What brand of multipen are you currently using?


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