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Movies for Journaling


I am trying to work up the courage to pile on layers of clothing (yes, it’s that damn cold outside and my mailbox is that far away) in order to retrieve my Netflix copy of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which oddly enough I have never seen. While I am definitely all about some ST, I can’t exactly call myself a Trekkie as I don’t live in my Mama basement and don’t like Mountain Dew. Also, I haven’t seen a single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, though I’ve seen all the movies.

On the other hand, I do have a Uhura costume, own go-go boots and once worked as a switchboard operator (though not in outer space).

Anyway, I want to retrieve the DVD because I have strong feeling it would be a nice movie to screen while journaling.

I don’t know how most people journal, but I am not one for pageantry. All I require is my journal, a good pen and some kind of blowy up movie in the background – preferably one I’ve seen a million times or with characters I know quite well or a plot so thin it could rule the Milan catwalks. It also shouldn’t stray beyond an hour and some change, since I journal daily and have a whole mess of other things to do.

Here is the current rotation of journaling movies (in no particular order):

Rocky IV I saw this at The Bad Children’s Theater in 1985. Every town has some version of The Bad Children’s Theater. Ours was located in Wiesbaden, (West) Germany down the street from General H.H. Arnold High School and across the parking lot from the PX and the Commissary. Technically, a misnomer – the children aren’t especially terrible – it’s the kind of theater which often shows PG-13 action flicks, teen romps and watered down horror films. It’s where parents dump their kids while they do grocery shopping. It’s the kind of theater where the quality of the films can be gleaned by the number of clear Swedish Fish stuck to the screen. Nobody likes the clear ones. Anyway, by the time they got to IV, the plot was so very thin that if it were ice, you’d already be suffering from hypothermia. I know every line by heart, sing all the songs, and find myself scrawling out the cities listed in Living in America. Having never seen V (because it doesn’t EXIST!) I assume this is only installment that doesn’t feature a training montage set to Gonna Fly Now Though, I kind of like Hearts on Fire and Rocky looks pretty fly with his Nighthawks beard.

The French Connection I can pretty much journal non stop, quickly tearing through pages in order to give my rapt over to Popeye Doyle and that awesome car chase.

Sharky’s Machine. Burt Reynold’s stellar crime drama and probably my favorite movie of all time. I probably shouldn’t hide behind a qualifier, since my web identity is in fact SNARKY’S MACHINE. Mostly when this is screened during journaling time, I find myself pondering why Machinists – as I like to call SM devotees – don’t have a subculture. We don’t have festivals and there seems to be no other unifying qualities – besides liking Tarantino or Three Days of the Condor. I can’t say exploring these questions has yielded any useful answers, but Sharky’s Machine always works as a writing prompt.

Sabrina (1995) Oh the stinktastic remake of Sabrina. Truly a testament of just how much I adore Sydney Pollack. Actually, this isn’t an entirely terrible movie. Sure the casting is off, the jokes are cheesy and the plot is dull, but really it’s not that bad. It’s great for journaling because it’s talkie enough to qualify  as background noise while being bland enough to ignore. I can journal up a storm with this running in the background.

SpyGame. Ahh, me/journal + Tony Scott = journal writing heaven. Don’t tell me that… Don’t tell me that! That’s what I’m talking about. I actually screened this today while journaling.

The Big Lebowski. Easily one of my favorite movies to watch period, but when coupled with one of my favorite activities – journaling – you’ve got the makings of a pitch perfect hour and some change.

The Untouchables. Which I call The Unwatchables due to its rather over the top violence, and that’s saying a lot for a De Palma flick. It’s perfect for journaling! I can keep my head buried in the pages while still maintaining my status as #1 De Palma Fan

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  1. redlami permalink
    12/16/2009 2:21 pm

    I remember ST-TNG as being a fantastic show… Patrick Stewart made the perfect non-Kirk captain, while Brent Spiner out-Spocked Spock. The only character I never really warmed up to was Jonathan Frakes – when I first saw the pilot, I was sure he was going to be killed off. But I’ve forgiven what I consider the second-worst acting in the series (second only to Marina Sirtis’) because he did a good job directing a few episodes of Leverage.

    Anyway, it’s great to find out what you actually do with all those pens!

  2. 12/16/2009 10:03 pm

    Redlami said:

    Anyway, it’s great to find out what you actually do with all those pens!

    Yes, I try to outwrite the bad plots, disappointing casting choices and trainwrecks created by my favorite movie directors!

    Sometimes I scrawl “What would Jan de Bont do?” And usually the answer is: “much much more damage!”

  3. Mike permalink
    12/20/2009 3:17 am

    Tony Scott, eh? I figured you as more of a Ridley Scott fan! Nice post!

  4. 12/21/2009 12:04 pm

    Mike – I am most definitely a Tony Scott kind of gal!


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