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Review: Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™


I cannot walk past the Crayola aisle without checking out the products. Partly I’m drawn to all the pretty colors, curious to see how they will liberate five dollars from my wallet this time and partly because I just have never gotten over their discontinued Writing Pens, which were similar to Zig Millennium Writers. If I had only known in 1999 they would stop making them two seconds after I fell completely in love with their barrel shape, writing performance and color options, I would have stocked up! I have one left. It’s green, though I couldn’t find it in time for this review.

No matter since this review is about Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™

They come in all the colors familiar to the brand, though it seems they have fancier names. No “flesh” or “cornflower” to harsh your mellow. My personal favorite it the navy blue marker – oddly enough called “tiny plum” and showcased in the sample – and the sassy powdery green one. I spared you an artist’s rendering of my desk area done with pip-squeaks, so don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you. Though I did want to include one drawing. Please ignore my tendency to identify objects I draw within the picture. It’s leftover from my days of copying art from Richard Scarry books.

I found their performance on par with most Crayola markers – save the $.97 non-washable versions sold during the school supply season, which dry up as your register receipt is printing – and didn’t notice any smells – silly or otherwise. Since I am no longer a pip-squeak it’s hard to tell if the barrel design yields a more satisfying marker experience or if it’s merely marketing trying to create a new demographic. In any case, I like these a lot. They have ink for DAYS! I find their compact size perfect for accompanying me on ferry rides to Target and with their price point under four bucks (for a set of 16) at most retailers, they don’t burst the budget either.

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  1. 01/27/2010 3:14 am

    Your lamp is too cute! This was a really fun review.

  2. Amy permalink
    01/27/2010 6:07 am

    I am overloading on the cuteness that is your drawing of a desk lamp. Fantastic blog. I want those markers now!

  3. Pollo con queso permalink
    01/27/2010 6:08 am

    Now this is a kick ass review, Snarky. Your drawing ain’t half bad. When you were telling about it I was, I don’t know, expecting something really awful that didn’t even come close to looking lamp-like.

  4. jillian permalink
    01/27/2010 6:10 am

    Hey I really like your product reviews. I teach second grade and I’m interested in your opinions on other Crayola marker products. I totally aggree with your assessment of the bargain sets sold during the school year. I bought a dozen or so of those for my class and it was a waste of twelve bucks. They didn’t work very well at all.

  5. Mike permalink
    01/27/2010 6:11 am

    Great and amusing review, Snarky’s Machine. As always.

  6. Adrian permalink
    01/27/2010 6:12 am

    oh these look delightful. I’m going to pick up a set tomorrow after work. Of course I’ll have to hide them from my kids!

  7. sara no h permalink
    01/27/2010 6:13 am

    Awww, these are so cute. I like the names of the colors. Your product reviews alwasy make me smile even when you’re being sarcastic.

  8. leslie permalink
    01/28/2010 2:24 am

    My kids love these markers. Ours don’t smell either.

  9. kodos permalink
    01/28/2010 2:27 am

    aren’t these for kids? don’t know if the would be considered office surplies. like your blogs, tho.

  10. 01/28/2010 7:11 am

    kodos – if you read my “about me” page you’ll discover that the emphasis here is on office supplies (and markers are office supplies) in the $20 and under range. Often times this means products marketed to children and the child at heart alike. Thanks for you feedback.

    everybody else – thanks so much! sorry, I’m doing a drive by.


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