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Tools of the Trade: EK Success Decorative Scissors


A scissor can can!

I’ll admit initially not getting the point of decorative scissors. The first pair I used made it appear as though I had ripped the paper myself. It seemed a bit ridiculous to use a tool, which took longer to do something I could do quicker and for FREE. However, this was before I started making zines and realize that page after page of cut and pasted text imprisoned by a perfectly square boarder was incredibly boring.

I used to get the cheap ones – usually found in some craft store’s dollar bin – only to have them break after a couple of uses. I decided to upgrade my current set, which is a mishmash of rusty, dull duds and edgers that make patterns I don’t like. I found this set of eight ($8.97) at Target and while I had gotten used to the idea of different colors representing different patterns, I rather enjoy the cohesion of a single color set. They look pretty fantastic sitting in a frosted pink drinking glass, waiting for me to get my shit together and organize that damn office.

I definitely see the difference in performance between this set and the cheapies. They don’t cramp my hands while forcing me to earn every cut the hard way. These are smooth and make nice, sharp cuts. While I don’t make zines as much I as used to, or you know, at all, this set really makes want to bust out magazines liberated from my doctor’s office, a face mask and a vat ‘o rubber cement.

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  1. 02/12/2010 5:05 pm

    The colored dot and the pattern etched on the side of the blade seem like a good compromise between identifying the the scissors and maintaining the uniformity of color. Let’s keep pinking shears pink!


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