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Pen Review: Spinz Pen



My partner graciously gifted me with a Spinz Pen, a product that had managed to escape my notice. As a dedicated curator of novelty pens, it’s pretty surprising this one didn’t blip for me sooner.

I am a pen spinner. In college I would write notes with my right hand and spin pens in my left. I’d slide an uncapped pen in the crotch of my middle and ring finger and get my spin on. My goal was always to get fifty consecutive rotations, but usually somewhere around twenty spins, the pen would scrape across my palm before coming to rest. I’m pretty sure this habit drove my folks sitting next to me bonkers.

Anyway, I waited about two days before tearing open this pen and amusing myself for a good half hour watching it twirl between my fingers while frowning at All Things Considered streaming out of my fakey old timey record player

Like most novelty pens, where the emphasis is on something other than fine writing, Spinz has unremarkable ball point ink, which skipped and required several seconds of swirly swirly when I initially used it. However, the pen is fabulous because besides spinning, it’s entirely hackable. It’s like the Scion of pens: cute, quirky, affordable and easy to customize. Though I’ll admit, I haven’t had much time to customize when I’m busy enjoying all the spinning fun to be had.

The bottom line

• Spinning joy joy a go go
• hackable
• 0.7mm black ball point ink
• detailed instructions provided
• around five bucks and available from a variety of retailers.

and because I couldn’t resist…

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  1. 02/26/2010 3:08 pm

    Glad to hear that the Spinz penz amused you. Not being a pen spinner, I didn’t even realize that such a concept existed.

    Somehow I never heard of Dead or Alive, even though I was big into Nuvo Wavo in the early 80s. They seem a bit like a British Autobahn.

  2. 02/26/2010 3:50 pm

    they aren’t nearly as nuanced as Autobahn.


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