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Post-it® Flag Pen & Highlighter


Post-It Flag+ Highlighter and Pen

I’ve written about highlighters and I’ve definitely used my share of bandwidth talking about Post-it® Flag Pens, but oddly I have never reviewed Post-it® Flag/Pen/Highlighter before, despite having a couple lying around the house.

I stumbled upon this model from the Post-It flag pen line at Staples last night and I am in love. Again, not interested in the flagging technology, but I am loving this pen. It is similar in barrel width and shape to the flag highlighter I scored last year. I longed for a way to cannibalize that highlighter, but ended up destroying it. Fortunately, I only spent $.50 for the highlighter on clearance. Anyway, the pen version is mine. Unfortunately, it is ballpoint. While the writing is generally consistent, there is some skipping. I wish this model came in gel ink. That said, the ink is dark and gorgeous. I get nervous about black ballpoint pens because of their tendency to write dark gray rather than true black.

My most recent trip to Staples yielded a bumper crop of these pens for 50% off! Surfing around the net there seems to be noises made regarding this model’s demise, which honestly does not upset me.

For starters, with sustainability being ever the watchword there is just no reason to make products folks toss out once they’re spent. 3M has got to figure out a way to make their Post-it Flag pens refillable. Not just the flags, but the ink and the highlighters. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more scratch in order to have a product that’s sustainable. And it doesn’t seem as though it’s that complicated, based on my flag pen hack.

And don’t forget my thoughts regarding highlighters:

I am not a highlighter junkie, though I understand the pathology. I once had a coworker who was addicted to purchasing highlighters for an organization with very little to highlight. She had quite the impressive personal collection and we often traded our cast offs. Her with highlighters and me with scratchy rollerball pens.

Having almost no understanding as to what separates the good, the bad and the streaky, I will instead post my writing sample and let you decide.

So let’s get those two things out of the way. Basically, what’s different with this model is the aesthetics. While I prefer the “classic” Flag Pen model to this one, though I did enjoy this model’s sparkle motion. Also, I believe the classic model has MORE ink. The ink barrel, which is viewable through the barrel – looks to be similar to those mini pens, I find totally useless.

Bottom Line

  • attractive styling.
  • nothing new in terms of performance.
  • not hackable.
  • possibly destined for discontinuation. price range: $3 – $5.
  • isn’t going to cook your dinner
  • may run out of ink before you finish writing a sentence
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  1. 05/04/2010 10:53 pm

    These Post-It combination pens remind me of the early crop of machines that served as some combination of printer/copier/fax/scanner — namely that they invariably performed badly in at least one — if not all — of their tasks.

    Anyway, it makes more sense to me to have a separate highlighter and pen, because if I lose one of these (and pens do have ways of returning to their home planet when nobody’s watching) I’m out two instruments. Not that I have a lack of pens of course: for some reason I accumulate a lot of cast-offs 🙂

  2. 05/07/2010 12:29 pm

    Have you tried the Platinum Preppy Highlighters? They have them at Jet Pens. Inexpensive and there are refills for both the ink and the tips. Sadly, there are no flags attached.

  3. Crissy permalink
    05/17/2010 1:47 pm

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said it has a very limited ink supply!

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