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Here’s a brief round-up of all the great things happening in the world of office supplies. As always, please leave your glowing feedback over at the respective sites. Also drop some links of other cool office supply related content you’ve digging this week. Thanks for being awesome readers!

I Hate Blue Pen has an amusing rant against blue pens called, Blue Pen = Death.

Now here comes my rant on blue pens. Your everyday blue pen is the worst writing instrument in the world. I would rather write in crayon. Clear ink would be a better choice. Blue is usually a very nice color but the blue ink in pens is the writing equivalent of nails on a chalkboard…read more

The Pen Addict has a round up of his top pens for June and it’s definitely a great resource for those in the market for new pens to try.

I never seem to update this list frequently enough, but here is a quick snapshot of the five pens I have used the most over the last couple of months. Any period of time longer than that becomes a blur…read the rest

Rhodia Drive has a post called Themed Journals – Yay or Nay?. I’m undecided on them myself, but never undecided in my love for Rhodia Drive.

I’ve reviewed quite a few different journals over the last few years and have noticed an increase in the production of themed journals from a variety of vendors. When I see them, I often wonder how well received they are by the buying public…read the rest of the entry

Pocket Blonde road tests Pentel Vicuna 07mm Gel Ink Pen. Count me a new convert.

I have to say I was rather taken by it: the display included a 12-page booklet in Japanese (to the left in the above picture) featuring a young woman in black, wearing a Michael Jacksonesque fedora, lots of black eyeliner, and pale lips…read it all here

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  1. 06/15/2010 4:50 pm

    Mighty Girl:

    mentioned having these pens:

    Retro ballpoint pens… they look like the tiling at my 60’s era post-office, but my recollection of BPPs from the days of the early 80’s USAF supply cabinets was that such pens kind of suck to write with.

    I am conflicted.

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