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You Decorated My Life


I stumbled on this picture at the great decorating blog House of Turquoise, which I strongly urge you to check out – even if turquoise is not your thing. It’s a fantastic site, filled with glorious images of homes much cleaner and more turquoise than you can imagine. This picture has become something of an inspiration as I embark on yet another possibly fatuous home decor project: the sitting area. While I am not interested in considering wallpaper, which looks remarkably like the paper I had to steam off the hallway walls, I am all about this aqualicious and fuchsiatastic situation. I’m loving the interplay of texture, color and shape. I have all the basic elements – save poof – and I’m pretty sure I could dedicate a corner somewhere in this place to realizing my fantasy of having yet another area in my house to engage in bull shittery and endless hands of Microsoft Hearts. My goodness that poof is shutting those chairs down. I bet I could find some quite similar going for hopeless amounts of cashmoney on Craiglist. They look pretty much like any number of ugly smoke infested chairs folks attempt to sell at ridiculous showroom prices. Well good luck getting anyone to pay ten cents in Martian money for those Archie Bunker looking television character bigot chairs. Well, you know, except me.

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  1. 06/25/2010 1:29 pm

    That pink Ottophant is pretty serious… any larger and it would not look uncomfortable in a Playboy spread with satin pillows and a drape of mosquito netting. All I can say is that anything that big better have storage space inside it.

  2. 06/25/2010 1:29 pm

    Your turquoise snowman lamp would look way better in that space.

    Just sayin’.

  3. 06/25/2010 1:30 pm

    By which I mean, way better than the lamp they have. It’s all narrow and top-heavy.

  4. 06/26/2010 7:21 pm

    Thank you, Michelle! I am going to write about the chairs I’m planning to use and hopefully get some help from the great DTPW readership, because these chairs have been breaking my heart for about 7 years.

  5. Jules permalink
    06/27/2010 3:44 am

    I love the colors!


  1. Bobby

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