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Me and Miss Jones’ Red Diary


Renee Zellweger as the titular Bridget Jones

After a recent viewing Bridget Jones’ Diary – a film, for the record, I rather enjoy, despite being fully aware of its shortcomings in both a feminist sense and a cinematic sense – I yearned for a beautiful red journal similar to the one used by Bridget. I haven’t been able to identify the exact replica of the journal, I decided to seek out products evocative of what I feel are the journal’s best features – all at a DTPW? price point!

gorgeous red mock croc notebook

1. Sheffield Home Mock Croc Lined Journal – Home Goods – $6.99

I found this journal while perusing overpriced furnishings of dubious quality at Home Goods. I have this same style of journal in a gorgeous icy blue and adored it. Unfortunately, I finished it rather quickly and thus it is shuffled away with the rest of my completed journals. Despite not having immediate access to it, I know it’s not nearly as gorgeous as the red version. For starters the paper edges of the red version are trimmed in silver rather than the tacky wannabe gold situation afflicting the blue version. The construction of the red is vastly superior as well. When opened, the red one is perfectly flat. The page marking ribbon appears to be of a much higher quality and magnetic closure snaps shut quite confidently on the first attempt. And the paper is a wonderful cream color and the quality, though not as exceptional as anything from the Exaclair family, is still quite impressive. Even the signatures/folio groupings are pretty decent quality. I took a book binding course years ago and have been rather pleased I both remember terminology and also have occasion to use it. Of the three, I found this one to be the most satisfying overall. The only drawback was its color – more cherry red than the rich tomato red I associate with Bridget’s diary.

2. Red Soft Bound Journal – Barnes & Noble – $9.95

This journal, while being quite wonderful and sexy, evokes Bridget’s diary in color only. It’s a stunning shade of orange based red and coupled with its quad rule pages, is quite the show stopper. However, like many of the quad rule notebooks at the more modest end of the price spectrum – Target’s Noted Brand, being an example – I find the paper to be a bit too thin and sometimes transparent. There are some who might find this appealing, but as I tend to both be “hard and heavy” writer and always use both sides of the page, I found this particular notebook lacking. It also has way too many pages for my liking; the pages buckled with heavy, daily use. Also, the soft cover simply could not stand up to the punishment of its heavy rotation.

3. Red Sketchbook – Borders – $5.99

The color was a tad off and the quality of this notebook did not thrill me. I was surprised given that I have had good experiences with Sterling Publishing products – particularly their black bound sketchbooks. Maybe going for a stylish color meant sacrificing quality. I’m not sure. My friend Jessica tends not to be as picky about notebooks as I am and now is the proud owner of a red sketchbook!

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  1. 07/12/2010 6:02 pm

    That mock-croc diary is sexy cute. I agree, the silver edging is a lot classier than the usual gold.

  2. 07/16/2010 9:21 pm

    A friend gave me a cute red journal once – leather, and about 5×7″ with a snap closure tab. A little small for my tastes but with good heavy pages. I used it up.


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