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Crayola® Classic Broadline Markers Go Green(er)


Crayola® Classic Broadline Markers – those cheap, non-washable kind filling Back-to-School dump bins at major retailers across the planet – got a bit of a “green” makeover. To be honest, I barely noticed this until well after I made my purchase! What initially caught my attention was the new barrel design – black instead of white. This aesthetic revamp makes them now resemble the far pricier Crayola Gel Markers, which oddly enough I only purchased because of the sleek black barrel!

I’ve reviewed the performance capabilities of Crayola products before, so I won’t duplicate that content, but I should note the issues I observed in the cheaper, non-washable brand (like the fact they truly aren’t kidding when they aren’t marked “washable”) are virtually gone. I tested the marker on a beige painted wall (flat paint) and used red (really difficult to remove) and found these markers came off the wall (with a bit of elbow grease, which is still free!) and did not damage the walls. In addition, they also seem to have been spoiled down with rich pigmentation – even the black marker looked good on the page. So if you’re leery of going with the cheaper version, don’t be. The $1 packs are practically as good as the $3 packs. So stock up. Regardless of whether you spend a dollar or three, you’ll go through these bad boys quickly. They aren’t especially long lasting.

And at this great price – seriously, all the major US retailers have these puppies at or below the $1 mark – purchase a few extras and donate them to the various school supply drives in your community. The kids and educators will LOVE YOU for it.

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  1. 08/03/2010 4:52 pm

    How about zero? Zero is percent, isn’t it?

  2. Jenny permalink
    08/24/2010 8:25 pm

    My big issue as an art teacher is that the barrels have no color indicator! If the student can’t read yet, they have no idea what color they are using.

  3. kay permalink
    08/30/2010 12:16 am

    I agree. They should have indicated with a large band on either end the actual color as the tips are confusing even to my older kids who know their colors. Someone in product design messed up big time. I actually want a refund.

  4. 08/31/2010 4:29 pm

    I think it would have been great if the barrel indicated the marker color, even a small band on the barrel would have worked. I don’t tend to think of this model as appropriate for little tykes. I like the Crayola Pipsqueaks much better.

  5. Sandy J. permalink
    10/26/2011 8:40 pm

    As an elementary school art teacher this plain back barrel design is terrible. There is no color indicator other than the word – some of my students cannot read and others are just in a hurry to clean up at the end of class. I end up with mismatched caps and markers making tons more work for me. I want a refund as well!


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