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I’ve Been Around the World and I Can’t Find My Baby: Post-It Flag Pen – Classic


My very first DTPW? review was for the much beloved Post-it Flag Pen – Classic and in the nearly twelve months since that review I have fallen deeply in love with this pen. From that first review:

I stumbled upon this model from the Post-It flag pen line at Staples last night and I am in love. Again, not interested in the flagging technology, but I am loving this pen. It is similar in barrel width and shape to the flag highlighter I scored last year. I longed for a way to cannibalize that highlighter, but ended up destroying it.

For months that pen and I were inseparable. And then the ink went dry.

It always starts off innocently enough – signing a register receipt or that late night phone call you wished would never come – but suddenly your life is divided into two parts: before the event and after the event. I pulled the Post-It Flag Pen (Classic) out of my purse to sign the slip and it wouldn’t write. I swirly swirly’d for a couple of seconds – no dice. I shakey shakey’d and still NOTHING. I wasn’t about to use the nasty, germ ridden pen the clerk attempted to force upon me, with its chewed up cap and unsatisfying aesthetics. Glancing at the long line of folks loaded down with books and magazines – I was in B&N – I dug into my bag for another pen, shaking off the reality of this situation.

I’ve traveled all over the place, stopping in every fly-by-night place with even the hint of an office supply/stationery section and haven’t be able to find another one. The Staples where I originally purchased the pen had long since stopped selling model and even Amazon’s marketplace yielded nothing but disappointing and fruitless searches. I have a white barreled one purchased by Babby and while I do enjoy using it, I miss my black one. I’m not going to stop looking, hoping and trying to find my baby. But I can’t do it alone. So I’m looking to the DTPW? community to help me find my baby.


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