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Pentel EnerGel® Alloy


The Pen Addict reviewed Pentel’s EnerGel® Alloy nearly two years ago! Of course, I’m just getting around to test driving one myself. I am not always so quick on Pentel products. Nothing against them, but for some reason they never blip on my radar. Babby kept telling me about the fabulous metal writing instrument he’d snagged for me and I couldn’t wait to get it in my hands and hopefully not be disappointed by it.

Let’s run down some of the claims made via the back of the packaging:

Balance weighted All-Metal barrel for maximum comfort and performance

I’ll be honest, I do not even know what that means. Are they telling me they did all the could to maximize comfort and performance so I shouldn’t complain to them if I find the product lacking in either area? The product felt okay in the short run, but became increasingly fatiguing with extended use. I tried it with both my left and right hand.

Modern design with brushed aluminum and chrome accents for a sophisticated style.

Whenever products tell me what they’ve done to appear sophisticated I assume it means someone doesn’t trust me as a consumer to figure this out on my own without being lead to that conclusion. Yes, the chrome accents do evoke shiny pens I remember seeing as a child. Though in most cases those pens ended up not being all that great; only designed to appear that way. Still, the EnerGel® Alloy did feel awfully fancy in my hands and I did feel like conversing in the witty manner befitting of Dorothy Parker. I credit the product for this up tick in my sophistication level.

The ink is off the chain. This makes me a little bummed I haven’t been more of a Pentel loyalist in the past. Their ink goes down smooth, dark and wonderful, with virtually no skipping, feathering (even on a Bounty paper towel as shown above) or pooling if one isn’t as quick with their thoughts.

The Bottom Line

  • Yummy gel ink. Made me happy to beat the band
  • Impressive metal exterior. Kind of like the Robert Patrick Terminator. Though it did not morph into any other item. It’s just liquid-y metal shiny like he was.
  • A definitely blowout bargain bonanza in the under seven buck range. (don’t know where Babby is finding these pens marked up like whoa) at Staples I’ve seen these go for a little north of five bucks.
  • RT = retractable. Nice retracting mechanism, but we all know I’m not all that hot for RT writing instruments.
  • uses Pentel LR7 refills, which will mean something to me when this ink cartridge is spent.
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