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Purple and Pink Ink


1. Post-it® Flag Plus Highlighter With 2 50-Pack Flag Refills, Fluorescent Pink – I am not a highlighter junkie, though I understand the pathology. I once had a coworker who was addicted to purchasing highlighters for an organization with very little to highlight. She had quite the impressive personal collection and we often traded our cast offs. Her with highlighters and me with scratchy rollerball pens.

2. Wal*Mart @ The Office Gel Pen, Fine Point – While I love the way the ink moves across the page, I hate how unreadable pink gel ink tends to be. I don’t have a lot of black paper handy and am not given to passing notes or playing MASH, so I’m afraid my need for a gorgeous, smooth pink gel pen is quite limited. Nevertheless, I do plan to get my PhD within a year, so perhaps I might need to revisit my opinion then.

nib pr0n

3. Zig Millennium Writer 05 Pink – Normally I shun pink ink due to its tendency to be unreadable. It was dark and looked wonderful on the page. I suspect the 05 is the best nib size for my handwriting, the speed in which I write and the way I hold pens. Anything smaller and it comes out too scratchy. I also realized the key with using these pens is to hold the nib straight down, rather than approach the page at an angle like I often do with ballpoint or gel pens. I know a lot about pens as it relates to products and such, but I don’t actually know much about proper technique. So changing the angle of the nib as it hits the page was a pretty big breakthrough for me. How sad is that?

4.Crayola® Classic (non-washable)Markers – those cheap kind filling Back-to-School dump bins at major retailers across the planet – got a bit of a “green” makeover. To be honest, I barely noticed this until well after I made my purchase! What initially caught my attention was the new barrel design – black instead of white. This aesthetic revamp makes them now resemble the far pricier Crayola Gel Markers, which oddly enough I only purchased because of the sleek black barrel! The violet is lovely as is the nib, but for the most part you can only enjoy these as “fine” writing instruments for about three or four occasions before the nib goes all wonky and they make your writing looking squat and fuzzy; not that there’s anything wrong with being squat and fuzzy.

barrel pr0n

5. Zig Millennium Writer 05 Pure Violet – This pen was a bit of a head scratcher. Based on the cap color I assumed it would be the shade of the Pure Pink pen, but instead it was a super dark purple. I adore the color, but honestly, if I purchased this pen based on the cap cover – like say if you couldn’t actually test drive the pen before hand, as if often the case when you buy it in a set – I’d probably be a little burnt the cap color did not represent the ink housed inside. Not a big fan of “ink surprises”.

6. Wal*Mart @ The Office Pen, Fine Point, Purple/Violet – I really hate how they do not give these pens snazzy, marginally associative names. In any case, this one’s kind of a bummer. It lays down an ashy purple that gives the pen a perpetual “running out of ink” feeling, which raises my anxiety level higher than I think a cheap pen should.

writing sample

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  1. 11/02/2010 2:24 pm

    I bought the @ the office pens at Walmart, and like them pretty okay, but my Walmart had the Magnatank pens you had mentioned in your last post about the Office pens and I bought those too. The purple Magnatank seems to have a smoother, bolder purple than the one shown above and I am loving it. I tend to use the purple Office pen as an underliner because its sort of weak, and if anyone squees over it I’ll probably give it away. But the Magnatank…. I don’t even put it down on a counter and walk away from because I don’t want anyone ganking it.

  2. Donnie permalink
    11/03/2010 1:18 am

    Hmm, and I assumed the @theoffice pens were exactly the same as Magnatanks, just with new printing on the barrel. Interesting. 🙂

  3. 11/03/2010 11:17 pm

    @Shieldmaiden1196 and @Donnie – I totally assumed they were the same too! I wonder if they are slowly phasing out the others to make for the @ the office line.


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