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Hello Kitty Glitter Pens For Target


Try as I might to resist, I am often felled by the dollar craptorium located at the front of Target. This time it was a set of Hello Kitty Glitter Pens tucked in a wire bin next to some smelly holiday scent hand lotions and sanitizers. Intrigued by their Hello Kitty-ness – the pens, not the stinky lotions and sanitizers – I quickly added them to a cart already loaded down like a pack mule with other (eventually reshopped items) offerings from the front-of-the store crapatorium.

Out of the package the pens were cuteness personified. Well designed barrel and cap that stayed securely affixed to the pens. Something worth noting as the pens are marketed for ages 4 and up. But the love affair did not last long, once it was time to test these bad boys. For starters, the pink pen had severe nib malfunction (see photo below) and that immediately rendered it trash bound as these pens are not hackable nor refillable. So I’m already down $.33 and feeling the sting. No worries! That still left the festive green and red pens!

As the writing example demonstrates – albeit in somewhat blurred fashion – these pens aren’t especially glittery. One would be will within their rights to doubt their commitment to Sparkle Motion. As a neither a fan or foe of sparkly pens, I can’t say this was exactly a flaw. Though I will say, being packaged as such, the item did not glittery or glimmer as advertised. This pen would not be a cheaper alternative to other sparkle pens, particularly others made by Sanrio. If one wishes to slap the names “Hello Kitty” or “Sanrio” on a product, it should be understood the consumer expects copious amounts of Sparkle Motion. Ain’t no two ways about it. Still, at $1, can I really be all that bitterlicious? I don’t think so. I would still consider these pens a budget friendly holiday stocking stuffer and they are terribly cute.

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  1. 11/24/2010 1:14 pm


    “If one wishes to slap the names “Hello Kitty” or “Sanrio” on a product, it should be understood the consumer expects copious amounts of Sparkle Motion.”

    Is probably the best line in a review, ever.

  2. PinkSparkleKitten permalink
    06/14/2013 10:40 am

    I bought the same pack of pens, although mine had a blue rather than a green. The blue was quite sparkly, but none of them lasted long. Oh well, I had a dollar’s worth of entertainment from them.


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