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Tron Legacy Hawks its Wares!


Tron Legacy opens 12/17 photo credit - Disney.

Updated 12/20/2010

Most of us probably can’t plunk down the $55,000 required to procure a street legal Tron Lightcycle, but there are more than a few budget friendlier Tron consumables for the rabid fan. I love Tron. I wish Disney would send me any and everything Tron related. Unfortunately, they haven’t. So all the enthusiasm after the cut is – for better or worse – homegrown.

China Glaze! top- emerald fitzgerald, fairy dust. bottom - midnight mission, liquid leather

I was sad to discover that China Glaze didn’t pull together a collection for the upcoming release of Tron Legacy. I mean, how cool would that have been? Nail polish addicts also love Tron! Anyway, I pulled together some Trontastic polish colors from CG’s existing color roster. For about $5 bucks a pop, you can get your Tron mani/pedi on!

I squealed upon seeing Disney TRON Sam Flynn Light Cycle 4GB USB Drive. How freaking cool is this thing. There is no better way to Tron up your life on a budget than this thing. Amirite??? For $24.99 clearly you’re paying for its Trontasticness rather than its jump driveness.

I realize I’m well beyond the upper age limit for the Tron: Legacy Recognizer Playset, but ME WANT. $18 bucks for all this happiness. You can’t beat that with a stick.

Master electronic composer Wendy Carlos’ score to Tron is sublime and is also available for download and such. I still have my raggedy LP. This album is so beyond fabulous. I’m still trying to resolve my feelings for Daft Punk’s score, which I had some pretty unrealistic expectations about. I love Daft Punk too, so my preference for Carlos’ score is no slight. I couldn’t get through a single workout without “Da Funk”.

Update: China Glaze has an upcoming Spring 2011 collection inspired by TRON!

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  1. 12/04/2010 4:35 pm

    Because I clearly can’t follow directions, I think I peed a little like a teacup breed when I saw your CG mockup, because I thought it was for reals. (There is a green like that in the holiday collection, tho).

    I’ll go now before I dissolve completely into a puddle of nail polish dorkery.

  2. 12/04/2010 10:33 pm

    HAHAH. I was hoping it might inspire them to toss together a collection of sparklies, vampies and neons! And you’re incredibly kind to my meager MS Paint skills.


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