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Home Office at the End of the World: Risk Addiction


"You look a little divorced." ME-OW!

I have a tendency to see films solely because their release date happens to fall on my birthday. This is the only logical explanation I offer for why I was one of three people – including two ushers – watching the janky blending of camp, cool interiors, arresting visuals, inane plot twists and top notch overacting on display in Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. A recent viewing has yielded no better understanding of why the film needed to be made, so I put the time to use admiring the breathtaking visuals captured by director Michael Caton-Jones, particularly the set interiors of Dr. Glass’ (David Morrissey) office. That buttery leather chaise is to die for. I bet I could really make my procrastination time more productive if I had a piece of furniture like that one.

Emily Faux Leather Convertible Futon - $160 - WalMart

A more budget friendly option approximating the elements of the look I like. I don’t think owing this Click-Clack upgrade will morph me into a sadistic, self-absorbed, fashionable misanthrope, but one can hope. (Just kidding!)

The "Gherkin" - Swiss Re Tower in London

Ahhh, 30 St. Mary Axe or “The Gherkin”. Actually, to me it looks more Fabergé in nature. I wish more buildings in the US – that weren’t strip clubs, exotic massage parlors or adult bookstores – wore their blingy, sequined hearts out in the open. I want to live there and wear lots of shiny clothes and write shiny prose and stare out the window looking at the people below looking like shiny ants. I know there’s lots of hooliganism possibly going on in that building and it’s a symbol of capitalist shagnastiness, but LET ME HAVE MY FANTASY, mkay! Don’t steal my sunshine.

Designer Susan Bradley's The Gherkin Bookend

Since I’m probably not going to make it back to London any time soon, I will have to get my Gherkin on in other ways. Like with this pair of bookends. How fun. Also, I’m sure someone will be kind enough to steer me towards a shopkeep with a collection of Gherkin shaped pens and other sundries. Bookends approx. $24.00

Because the film’s color palette is filled with blues ranging from the iciest hues to the deepest midnight shades I had to toss in this throw back to the original Basic Instinct. electronic music visionary Latour’s hit “Blue”


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