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Style Your Home Like: Tron Legacy


Kevin Flynn's spectacular mid century modern safehouse

Tron Legacy shares an aesthetic lineage with another sci-fi computer-on-the-bends film – Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. The visually arresting set pieces were created by production designer Darren Gilford, is awash with acrylic, lacquer, lucite with surprisingly classic lines and down right retrolicious styling. The LA Times recently featured a profile of the film’s set decoration!

    “The space, right, is furnished with timeless designs including the Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the 670 lounge and ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames, and the Arco lamp by Achille Castiglioni, which are accented by updated versions of 18th century French antiques.”


Wow, delicious, right. Well most of us probably can’t afford that level of commitment but we can find more modestly priced means of approximating the look.

White Click Clack - Walmart $160.00

Walmart – Emily Convertible Faux Leather Sofa – $160 I am well aware this sofa is in no way is fit to lick the boots of a real Barcelona Chair, but since I haven’t noticed them dropping out of the sky or showing up by the set on my doorstep, this comfy sofa is a nice approximation!

Candle holders - Home Goods - $12 - $19

Homegoods Every time I do a lap around Homegoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls I notice clear/lucite home furnishings regardless of whether or not they’re actually in style. Of course, right now this clear, invisible plane aesthetic is hip hip hip!

LED Rope Lights - $10 - Home Depot

Rope Lights! Any big box store specializing in selling you various crap you probably don’t need at prices so reasonable they circumvent any good sense will have rope lights. Give your Tron inspired room that extra circuitry kick with a string of rope lights wrapped around stuff and dripping from the corners of ceilings and walls.

Ikea - $303 - 6 chairs and a table set

Melltorp/Urban Dining Set – $303 More spendy than the normal DTPW? fare but this Ikea table/chair combo was simply irresistible. While the set doesn’t mirror the dining furniture in the film, it does model the elements both I really like.

Ikea Lack Side Table $7.99 These would be fantastic in a sleek, icy cool white room, with stark dark wall accents or whatever. Basically, these are your go-to workhorse tables. No disco-lit Tron inspired room should be without it.

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