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It’s December; Do You Know Where Your Year Went?


It’s the end of December and the holidays are still kind of going – heck they’ve been going since October! I realize at some point I should grab whatever “free” time available and jot down a few reflections on the year. I thought of torturing you with this exercise, but then thought better of it. I like y’all. Still, I was reading an article about the phenomenon otherwise known as “End of Year” Lists and listing in general and found it all so fascinating. While I don’t believe in resolutions, I do like making year “to-do” lists and then revisiting it in December to see if I’ve actually accomplished anything I originally believed was the most burning hot, important task of the year. I’ve written plenty on writing “to-do” lists so I won’t duplicate that content. But I’m curious about what y’all do about listing and goal setting. Also, did you accomplish major goals this year. Tell me about it. December’s the time of year when I feel meh and winter is definitely here and Spring is still too damn far away. I am spending too much time perusing 43 Things reading other people’s lists and goals in search of something interesting and appealing, though not especially rigorous.

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