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A New Year; Same Old Pens!


I loved The Pen Addict favorite pen reviews of 2010 and thought I’d list my own favorite product reviews. Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more pen lust and product reviews in the 2011!

10. A & W Nite Companion Pen – Ahh, the pen that lights itself. The one I described as a solution in search of a problem!
9. Crayola® Glow Station™ On The Go – “Out of the package, the Crayola® Glow Station™ On The Go resembles a fairly unremarkable dry erase board/lap desk. Still, it seemed to be reasonably designed for kids, though that damn battery compartment for the light wand was a bit troubling for those with chubby fingers or any other issues with motor skills. Then there was the matter of the light wand itself. I could just imagine the hijinx unsupervised children could get into, with possibly tragic consequences. Yeah, it’s all fun and game until someone gets the light wand zapped into their eyes.”

8. I’ve Been Around the World and I Can’t Find My Baby: Post-It Flag Pen – Classic – Who would have thought a post lamenting the erasure of one of my favorite pens would result in a stockpile of nearly 30 of them! Thanks to various Staples locations in Western NY and several readers I’ll be set for at least a year!

7. All Weather Pen No. 37 – “I grabbed a Pad N°12 Rhodia and a spray bottle. According to ad copy for the All Weather Pen No. 37, “These all-weather pens write on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30F to 250F.” I decided to embark on my experiment and went on the back porch at the middle of the night after waiting for the internet to tell me it was 45° outside. I tore a page out and sprayed it down with water. Then I wrote! Oh snap! The bad boy actually wrote. It was pretty exciting. I guess I don’t need to cook beans over an open flame or join the Marines in order to be adventurous! I love technology!”

6. Foray® Liquid Porous Point Pens 0.5 mm – “The first thing I found appealing, was the pen’s aesthetics mimic those of Foray® Liquid Rollerball Pen and actually, I thought I was purchasing that particular pen rather than the Porous Point model. Maybe I should read those blister packs more carefully. In looking at the nib I was reminded of those old Paper Mate Flair, which pioneered this porous point technology. In addition to pioneering the technology, the Flair pen has long been a product of little interest to me.”

5. One Minute Reviews: EXECUTIVE STYLE 4-in-1 Pen – One of my favorite reviews of one of my favorite products. I find myself using it every day, even though the pen writes like crap.

4. A Day in the Life of a Pen Thief – “In the ten minutes since our arrival, I’m pretty sure he’s already jacked two pens from me. I can’t confirm my suspicion because I didn’t take inventory prior to our meeting, but I’m fairly certain the Sharpie Pen Grip he’s twirling in his fingers came from my cache of pens. When Mike catches me eying the pen he smiles, “I actually bought this pen after reading a review you wrote. Weird, huh?””

3. 10 Reasons You’ll Be Cooler if You Journal! – ” I won’t front; journaling is not a 100% safe activity. There might be prying eyes and clever individuals armed with Encyclopedia Brown-esque powers of detection and a heap of unstructured time who want to get at your celebrity lust lists, drawings of kittens, vengeful poison pen letters you’ve no intention of sending and Nobel prize speeches that will never see Stockholm and those people are busters. Scrubs, even! And I am fully of the mindset that snoopers deserve any reversals of fortunes visited upon them during their violation of another’s private journaling space.”

2. Crayola® Twistables™ No. 2 Pencils – “The pencil aesthetics made me terribly giddy. I don’t even like pencils that much, yet a plastic barrel designed to look like a pencil, while keeping well established design elements of other items in Crayola’s® stable of colorful, modestly priced products makes me all kinds of happy. The twisting mechanism is housed at the top of the pencil directly underneath the non-replaceable eraser. The twisting mechanism is easy to use, offers no challenge to the “right-y tighty, lefty loose-y” paradigm; one long turn to the left conceals the lead. Good times.”

1. One Minute Reviews: Foray® Liquid Rollerball Pen, 0.7 mm, Medium Point – Blue Ink – My favorite pen of late! In other news, I finally figure out how to work my camera!

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  1. 01/03/2011 10:49 pm

    I can’t stay away from your blog. Tell the truth, its laced with an addictive chemical, right? 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

  2. 01/04/2011 3:20 pm

    I really appreciate your love of pens that aren’t just pens. Ever since lusting after those “spy cameras” in the back pages of the comic books when I was a kid, I’ve desired gadgets that look like (or do) other things.

    With that, and your ongoing battle against pen thieves, in mind I thought I’d mention this pen that’s on clearance at, which should also indulge your love of crime procedurals:

    Carry this pen to defend yourself in an emergency. The razor sharp crown will drive off any attacker and – bonus! – collect some of your assailant’s DNA to bring to the sexy CSI agents. Works great as a glass breaker, too! (Oh, and as a pen. Duh.)


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