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Home Office at the End of the World: I Want to Believe


that's certainly one way to cover a wall...

When it comes to wall decor, my pendulum has swung dramatically from Sanford & Son to sparse. If well done, either aesthetic can be awesome. Sadly, I have no first hand experience with the successful execution of the pastiche approach. I am naturally attracted to the tin-foil hat/black helicopter school of wall decor – as seen in the above photo – but have resisted introducing it to my space as it would be a shame to cover all those semi-badly painted walls.

sampling of my record collection

I have a ton of records – one of the few items I didn’t have the heart or courage to discard – and about twelve of those record sized frames. Perhaps I should get these wacky kids together. Most of my records are discards from my parents, cherished faves or cheesy purchases made for the express purpose of recreating the teen dream bedroom I never actually had. I see you, Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child in the City”.

stuffs that makes me appear somewhat cool...

I envy folks with the ability to tell a wonderful story with wall decor and, again, this is not been my strength. Still, my love of all things pop culture related, coupled with the fact that it’s much of what I blog about (when not blogging about pens and acquiring Ikea Lack Side Tables) suggests there should be some way to incorporate it into my wall design, while also emphasizing functionality and harmony.

The ill-fated Home Office at the End of the World!

I still have hopes for returning this room to some kind of office-y type glory, but I am humbled by my previous failure.

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  1. 01/04/2011 3:13 pm

    I love the idea of repurposing all my old album covers for wall art. Of course like so many decorating ideas I love, there’s probably little chance I will ever do it. Besides, who really wants to look at all those Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell drawings?


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