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Staples® DuraPoint Extra Fine Tip Pens


Inspired by The Pen Addict’s Staples® haul video I ventured over the big box retailer in search of equally exciting bargains. Next to the Sharpie Pens were these babies. They dazzled me in their blister pack, reminding me of your basic Staples® Rollerball Pen. But that’s only the barrel. The ink, however, performs similar to Sharpie Pen Grip. For some reason the Staples website has no knowledge of the existence of these pens and since I’ve never seen them there before I’m assuming it’s a newish product. What I like about these pens is the sleek barrel design; it’s a lot closer to what I wanted the Sharpie Pen Grip to look like. Clearly meant to compete with the vastly popular Sharpie Pens, I was skeptical they could match the Sharpie Pen in terms of performance. At a dollar a pen it already has the far costlier Sharpie Pen in value. That said, as fabulous as the Staples® DuraPoint Extra Fine Tip Pen isn’t the Sharpie Pen. Where the Sharpie Pen consistently lays down a smooth, skip free line, the Staples® DuraPoint Extra Fine Tip Pen did have some skipping. Not enough to diminish its otherwise wonderful performance, but it was enough to note for this review.

As you can see the line is smooth and the ink – the pen comes in black, blue, green and an ashy looking red – is dark. I wasn’t so hot for the green; it was a vivid, but the shade was kind of ugly. The red was horrible, but then I don’t actually like red pens, so even if it were spectacular I probably wouldn’t have had a lot to say about its performance.

The Bottom Line

  • Sleek, dazzling black barrel and cap with a sliver pocket clip.
  • at $4.99/5 pack it is a less spendy alternative version of Sharpie Pens
  • faint odor upon writing, but wasn’t enough to make me gag and seemed to vanish as quickly as it came.
  • comes in red, green, blue and black
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  1. 01/09/2011 5:53 pm

    This looks like a great alternative to stick pens for the “anybody need a pen?” situation that I often find myself in as a group leader. But not having the item on the website? That’s really odd. It makes me feel that I shouldn’t make a big emotional investment in this pen.

  2. 01/14/2011 11:35 pm

    @Redlami, I wonder if they’re just testing them in certain markets or perhaps have already tested them and found them to be lackluster performers. They are truly solid pens and Staples should consider expanding the line to include more colors.

  3. JPuck permalink
    01/16/2011 1:34 am

    I used to be a big fan of the Liquid Expressos but because I’m left handed I ran into a lot of problems with it smudging. When I saw the Durapoints I fell in love – I didn’t encounter any smudging and it had a really nice barrel. However, I did notice that they bleed and the smell. I wonder if they’re meant to be art pens.

  4. lisbeth permalink
    01/27/2011 5:26 pm

    These pens stink too much for me. Sorry. Nice review, tho.

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