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One Minute Reviews: Barnes & Noble Gel Pens


I always like going back to various stores after the big back-to-school shopping seasons, particularly stores that only feature school supplies during the season. It’s a treat to find all those novelty product lines that seemed all high and mighty at full price, knocked off their high horses and bearing the bright red shame of being on extra crispy clearance. These no name gel pens reminded me of the kind I used to score individually from the Sanrio store! While devoid of the glittery excitement of those Sanrio pens, I have been searching for gel pens housed in this kind of simplistic barrel. During my zine-making days I used these kind of gel pens to do all the hand writing, which I thought made my zines appear more artfully homemade.

Nothing special about the writing performance of these pens and other than for the sheer novelty of the experience, I can’t for the life of me understand why B&N thought someone would want to pay $3.99 for the set! Even my paltry $1.99 seemed a bit much for them, though half of the pens were cannibalized and their inky goodness used in other pens. So I suppose purchasing this blister pack was still cheaper than buying actual refills.

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  1. Donnie permalink
    01/16/2011 2:46 pm

    Kind of looks like the gel pens you can get at Dollar General or Family Dollar (same pens, different brand label).

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