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Affordable Small Space Seating Solutions


Are you constantly trying to figure out how to squeeze in more seating options for guests? My living room is long and narrow and it’s impossible to get decent furniture placement without chopping up the room. I’ve tried so many different configurations to ensure enough seating for guests that still makes the room feel tidy, but find that most seating options leave too heavy a footprint. My favorite small space seating solutions are stools and ottomans. But they aren’t all created equal. So I decided to road test DTPW? price point options.
Ikea Marius Stool – $5.99 – Of all the stools I’ve tested and owned, the Marius is by far the most affordable, stylish and comfortable. I also couldn’t believe how easy they were to put together and how sturdy they are. The stools are metal, stackable and can even work a side tables. They have a really small furniture footprint and come in baby blue, baby pink, black and white. They used to come in red and orange. I own two in orange, four in black and two in baby blue.
Target Teal Storage Ottoman – $19.99 – I loved the color of this ottoman, but sadly found it to be better looking than it was constructed. When I filled it with books and magazines it became infinitely more sturdy, though it was really heavy and not particularly portable. It wasn’t comfortable enough for long periods of time. Though this didn’t bother me much when an especially chatty Census worker selected it. It seemed to make her mosey along and not take up too much of my time.

TJ Maxx Vanity Stool – $16.99 – I tried this one out while perusing lamps at Homegoods/TJMaxx. I was surprised by the price and the comfort level. The price was low and the comfort was high. While it doesn’t necessarily fit into my decor aesthetic, it was totally adorable and is good for when you need a more permanent solution, but don’t want a bulky piece of furniture ruining the line of sight.

So what tricks and small seating solutions do you use?


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