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One Minute Reviews: The Write Dudes™ Madison Rollerball Fashion Pen


One of the frustrating things about Mega Brands is it’s very hard to find online resources for their many brands and products. The Write Dudes™ Madison Rollerball Pen caught my attention one afternoon at Target. It looked quite regal in its packaging, but I knew it was only appearance. At a less than regal $1.99, I could only imagine what weirdness was hidden inside the plastic blister packaging. Speaking of that damn blister packaging…Why are those things so damn hard to open. I have broken scissors trying to open these kinds of packaging. Good scissors too! This time I used an old knife to pry open the package and was surprised that so little pen was housed behind so much blister packaging. The pen looked and felt totally cheap. All that was missing was a crappy mechanical pencil and an “attractive” cardboard display case and this pen would not be out of place in a crappy gift lineup.

The rollerball ink is some of the scratchiest on record. That the pen can be easily hacked is of little comfort, given that the barrel design smears off onto your hand. I was caught off guard by that. I have certainly had my share of pens leak all over my hand, but that was the ink rather than the actual barrel! And then there was the matter of the cheap plastic barrel, which snapped as I attempted to draft my writing sample. That’s what the skipping at the end is all about. I tend to write very forcefully, but I don’t recall ever having a pen snap during one of my sessions! Oh well. At least it was only two bucks. I haven’t had this kind of tragedy with other Mega Brands products. Hopefully, this is merely an isolated issue and not the harbinger of future Mega Brands writing instrument doom.

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  1. math games permalink
    01/29/2011 10:21 pm

    Most of their products suck. Makes me wonder what’s going on over at Megabrands.

  2. howard penjersey permalink
    01/31/2011 11:31 pm

    Is it me, or does this pen look like (and apparently write like) the now-ancient Parker Rollerballs? Which somehow are still around? I think they were called Vectors. Grip part looks JUST LIKE EM.

  3. lawful0evil permalink
    02/10/2011 3:49 pm

    Tin snips. Never be defeated by evil packaging again. I have a slightly heavy dutier version I use in theory to cut chain maille rings, and in practice to open impossible packaging.

  4. Inkless in Tucson permalink
    02/17/2011 3:17 pm

    Pen will not write at all. What a total waste but I did get what I paid for.

  5. barb permalink
    09/13/2011 1:52 pm

    tried one of the pens at a restaurant and loved it! bought a pack at Target and less than half of them even write!!


  1. Write Dudes “Super Gel” Metallic Gel Ink Pens |

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