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One Minute Review: Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™ Washable Writers


Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™ Washable Writers seemed poised to replace the long retired Superfine Writing Pens that I wish I had purchased more of! Crayola® has revamped that particular model of pen for their Total Tools™ line, which I’ll be roadtesting in an upcoming review.

Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™ Washable Writers are housed in a plastic canister with a creepy looking face on the front. The canister color represents the ink shade; the creepy face represents the “gender” of the color I guess. In any case, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the casing.

Utilizing a telescope mechanism for opening and closing, the pens, which admonish users not to shake, require a bit of a shake to coax the pen to its full mast. Let’s quickly move away from that before things get too PG-13. The line is on par with other Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™ products, albeit with a thinner line. The markers make good on their advertised “washable” claim, though as with most washable markers, the claim is only as good as ease in which the red or black ink scrub off walls, furniture and hands.

At $4 a pack, these are markers are like cupcakes – sometimes food. They are too delicate, both in construction and inking capabilities, to stand up to a lot of heavy rotation or punishment. Their handy self contained case probably makes them good for car trips and traveling, but I think the casing is too flimsy for safe enjoyment by anyone who can’t resist chewing on caps until they break apart.

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  1. 02/17/2011 8:35 am

    My kids aren’t generally into anthropomorphized stuff, but I thought maybe I’d give these a go. After your review, I’ll give ’em a miss. Thanks! 🙂

  2. 02/18/2011 8:54 pm

    It’s tough to get kids to throw away stuff that doesn’t work anymore. Thanks Crayola for putting on the happy faces, I’m sure that will make it much easier.

  3. Q.V. permalink
    02/25/2011 6:48 pm

    Thanks for the money-saving review. “Washable” in my centre has to also mean you can get it off the face, specifically, out of the nostrils, as these kids like to sniff the markers. These items are way too high-maintenance. It’s frustrating to spend $4 on something that only lasts a week before someone grabs it too hard from someone else’s hands.

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