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3 Reasons to Spring Clean Before Spring!


Why wait until the weather is finally warmer and the days finally longer to sequester yourself inside to tackle those Spring Cleaning chores? With a couple of weeks left until Spring announces its arrival (or a couple of months, if you live in my corner of the globe) why not get a jump start on tasks so by the time spring comes you’ll actually be able to enjoy it. Still giving me the sideeye? Well here are three reasons that might make you change your mind.

1. It’s not like you can go outside anyway.

Even if you’re a winter sporting enthusiast there are still going to be days where the weather and roads are going to keep you stuck at home. Once you’ve exhausted all your cabin fever cures why not give the inside of the fridge and kitchen a good scrubbing and decluttering.

2. Everyone uses the traditional spring cleaning time to unload their unused items

Wanna sell those household items? Donate to a charity shop? Well don’t wait until spring! Picking are slim during the winter months, despite there being no shortage of folks looking for gently used items. You’ll get more for your items if you sell them during the winter than if you wait and attempt to sell them during the spring and summer when everyone and their mama’s mama is trying to unload their crap on Craigslist or yard sales. Moreover, I’ve noticed that charity shops get kind of picky during the busier donation months and I have had good stuff turned away because the donation center was overrun with stuff! You won’t have that problem now and all that great gently used household stuff is desperately needed.

3. You’ll be happier once spring arrives.

Nothing is more satisfying than passing a display of Spring cleaning related merchandise knowing that yours is all done!


Apartment Therapy’s Spring Cure
Real Simple’s Cleaning Checklist
Good Housekeeping – How to clean it all

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  1. 02/26/2011 2:25 am

    Just don’t throw out any fountain pens, ok?

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