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Schtick Pen: Pilot B2P Bottle to Pen Gel Ink


I received Pilot’s B2P Bottle to Pen Gel Ink and was intrigued. Now I enjoy drinking bottled water as much as anyone who finds the idea of paying for tap water fatuous, but that didn’t stop me from finding the water bottle shaped pen utterly adorable.

via Pilot's website

The pen is part of Pilot’s BeGreen line of products:

The Begreen range consists of the same famous Pilot pens you are used to but in a recycled version*, as well as new and innovative products that you have never seen before.


Other than the nifty barrel design, which is more style than substance, there’s nothing much to report about this pen. The barrel can be a bit fatiguing after awhile, which means this pen won’t be one I use extensively. Plus, I’m not really a fan of retractable pens (too many purse mishaps) so that wasn’t winning me over either. The ink cartridge is the standard G2 refill and wrote as well as one would expect. Still, I couldn’t help but love this pen more than I’ve liked any other Pilot product. It’s so damn cheeky.

In terms of the green properties, seems to me refilling existing pens is probably far more sustainable, though I suppose one can fill good knowing that plastic water bottles are being turned into quality Pilot writing instruments. As for price, while I was given my set, I noticed they were selling at Staples for $1.50 per pen or $3.99 per set, which, personally, I find kind of spendy. I mean, I can feel good about saving the planet for free, if you feel me.

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  1. 03/04/2011 12:33 am

    Hah I love the concept! I wonder if I can get these in the US. It’s a shame they don’t have the 0.38 tips.


  1. From “Does This Pen Write”;: Schtick Pen: Pilot B2P Bottle to Pen Gel | John the Monkey

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