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One Minute Reviews: Disney Princess Pop-a-Point Pencils


A staple of any self respecting $1 craptorium section – offering princess culture at a pauper’s budget – these Disney Princess Pop-a-Point pencils are hard to resist. Well not the Disney aspect, which doesn’t appeal to me (and never really did. I prefer Hello Kitty), but the Pop-a-Point technology. I love these kinds of pencils; if I used pencils more often I’d probably only buy these kinds. No sharper foolishness. No muss or fuss.

For a writing instrument marketed to children 3+ there sure are a lot of loose parts. The cap comes off, as does the eraser and, of course, the pop-a-lead. I’m not sure I would give this to anyone who liked putting things in their mouths indiscriminately.

That’s some mighty sharp lead there!

These Pop-a-Point pencils are of #2 quality so they’re fine for scantrons and other activities of a writing nature with specific lead grade requirements. They’re perfect for older children’s party favor bags and for bringing a little pretty to your pencil case. However, the barrel’s kind of fragile, which again makes them not particularly good for little ones. They are a bargain when you consider how many pop points you get per pencil, which I didn’t bother counting. So at $1 I have to say these aren’t too bad.

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