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Novelty Pens: Disney Jumbo Ball Point Pen


Whenever I went to Disneyland my favorite activity besides reciting the Pirates of the Caribbean monologue along with the guide (He’ll swap two of his heads for one of yours!) and making friends with every churro vendor in the park was collecting novelty pens from each section of the park. My favorite was a Cinderella pen that looked like a pen shaped snowglobe. It had the most perfect dark blue ink and was refillable, though I could never find ink refills of a similar hue. The pen finally died – after nearly twenty years of faithful service (you don’t want to know how nasty twenty year old snowglobe “water” and sparkles tastes) – and I have attempted to move on with my life.

Disney’s Jumbo Ball Point Pen, which measures at an impressive 11 or so inches is a sight to behold. While I don’t like those damn princesses, I do like this pen. It’s far too big to use for extended periods of time as it has a tendency to slap you on the side of the head if you write too fast with it. Okay, maybe that’s just my experience with it. In addition to looking rather grand it also is the right size for all those impromptu bathroom mirror concerts. Your hairbrush can finally go back to just taming your tresses!

The ink is flawless. It is skip free and lays down a nice dark, blue ballpoint line. I wish I could figure out how to hack this thing open – without destroying it – so I could cannibalize the ink refill. It’s just that fabulous. Besides being cheeky there is little reason to own a pen this big. Well I suppose it would be great for thwarting pen thieves. It’s not like they could walk off with this number unnoticed. Though for a mere dollar (the price of the pen) perhaps the pen thief’s humiliation would be worth it.

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