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Staedtler Maxum Glitter Gel Pens


At some point during my back and forth between VT and NY a Walgreens appeared in VT! While I was out securing provisions during our most recent snow storm I decided to stop in and check out the haps at Walgreens. It was so nice to be in a store with nice WIDE aisles, soft rock playing at a respectable level and bargains galore.

Staedtler Maxum is notable for making my favorite shade of blue ballpoint ink. It is a rich, deeply pigmented midnight blue and I wish they’d sell only the blue pens so I wouldn’t have to waste money on the other colors, which don’t really thrill me.

The barrel is similar to other versions of this pen, with the exception of it casing being a bit sparkly, which is supposed to denote the presence of sparkle motion. And that’s cool. Though, unfortunately, these pens also possess the same annoying inability to remain secured to the cap when the pen is posed for writing. I think one of the reasons why Staedtler maxum hasn’t become the pen is because of all the racket and the instability of the cap when it’s affixed to the end of the barrel.

The other thing about this version of the Maxum is the point is significantly smaller. It’s a 0.8mm, which is half the size of the model more familiar to me. Is that how the measurements work? Anyhoo, I was nervous because I actually might be one of the only people who likes that ridiculously huge gauge and wondered how the 0.8mm would handle my chubby writing.

It’s not super glittery, but does provide an adequate amount of sparkle motion. It’s more of a business casual kind of sparkle. In fact I prefer this level of sparkle motion to other glitter gel pens. In order to up the glitter quotient sometimes ink quality is sacrificed; or it seems that way to me. I definitely observed that with my set of Hello Kitty Glitter Pens for Target. They weren’t especially sparklelicious, despite having reasonably good ink performance. My INC brand glitter gel pens were hot mess; they were all glitter and not much else. I haven’t tried the revamped version that Walmart’s @ the office brand puts out, but hopefully I’ll get to review at some point.

The Bottom Line
Decent glitter pens
Affordable – $3.29 for a set of 8
very much in keeping with the standard of the Staedtler brand.

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  1. 03/17/2011 10:35 am

    I may be the only person to have read the title as “Maximum Glitter…” something that would have had my daughter placing an order for these post-haste.

    I like the idea of “Business Casual” sparkle very much 🙂

  2. 03/17/2011 4:11 pm

    I love these pens!! It’s so cool to read a review of something I already have, rather than something I “need to” rush right out after. I agree about the top, but I still like the glitter quotient. I also agree about the other Staedtler pen size – I’m really into broad ballpoints and fountain pen nibs are Mediums (not fine). Have you enjoyed the Papermate Profile pens – they are broad and also come in colors?

  3. 03/17/2011 4:32 pm

    That last photo is GORGEOUS. I love the background.

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