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One Minute Reviews: Corner Office Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen


Walgreen’s Corner Office Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen was an intriguing find. I almost passed it up because it looked so incredibly lackluster in the blister package. I’m glad I didn’t.

Out of the package the barrel isn’t exactly what I would consider a showstopper, resembling any number of no name pens sold specifically at drug stores. At some point these pen designers ought to accept the transparent cap has been done to death and move on to something else. Personally, nothing says, “cheap, drugstore wannabe cool pen” like a transparent cap. What exactly is there to see – ink pooling around the tip and smearing the inside of the cap? I don’t think even in these harsh economic times any of us are that hard up for entertainment.

They aren’t kidding when they call this stuff, “liquid ink”. While the pen lays down a bold line, it’s not for those who want to write and go or for left handed folks. The ink takes a loooong time to dry enough to close a notebook. This is not a “set it and forget it” type of pen. That would be one of the chief flaws of the pen.

As far as cost goes; look, if you’re making your pen purchases at a drugstore there’s already some doubt about your ability to make discern the value of a dollar. At $3.29 for a set of 4, I find these pens rather spendy. These are $2 pens if they’re a day. The quality is reasonable, but by no means spectacular and that slow drying liquid business is not going to win over any serious pen enthusiasts. This is more a pen that one would not step over if they should happen upon one lying in the street.

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  1. 03/19/2011 4:40 am

    I picked up a package of these at a Back-to-School sale thinking they would be a reasonable replacement for Pilot Precise Grips. Wrong. The ink globbed and smeared. The line width alternated between thick and thin in the space of a single word. The first two letters would be a puddle of ink, the next two letters legible, then another puddle of ink. It was a mess. I sent the whole package to work with Hubby to use as bait pens on his desk, hoping someone would come along and steal them all.

  2. penacious d permalink
    03/23/2011 5:29 pm


    Hey, along the same lines, I picked up a three plus pack of CVS’s brand of gel retractable pens (similar to G2 in appearance). The pack was three regular size ones and one ‘mini’ for around $3.00. The pen is their house brand, called Caliber.

    Like you, I dabble in the cheap stuff occasionally; my news is decent though in this case: it actually has a lighter touch to it, writing, than the g2 (which I like though I prefer the bold pt.). The Caliber (see it here: is ordinary to look at, the mechanism is cheaply made, cheaper than the Pilot or similar…BUT the ink cartridge fits in Uniballs (it’s now in my Signo 207 Premier barrel).

    So writing, the ink flows smoothly with less perceived effort /pressure than a fine point G2. It dries more slowly, though. One negative: when opening them, and taking the small seal off the point, all of them exhibited some leakage about an inch up the cartridge, where the metal point meets the plastic barrel. Wiping it w/ a tissue seemed to take care of it. In a bit of use after, the blobs did not return on the two pens I tried.

    But overall not unpleasant and unlike some of my trial pens, I’ll be hanging on to 1-2 of these, albeit to use in the car occasionally.

  3. 03/28/2011 9:46 pm

    In spite of their cheap price, this of one of the best pens I’ve ever used. They are completely effortless to write with. I don’t agree with the comments that these smear more than other pens. I’m a proofreader and use my pen constantly. They don’t smear at all. Any gel pen is going to smear on coated paper and these are probably the same. On regular paper, these are wonderful pens.

  4. shartina permalink
    04/30/2011 6:30 pm

    Ive tried many pens and love the smooth flowing liquid ink pens. They are great for writing checks, or other things when you want a bold professional looking line. What I hate about most gel pens is their durability. Put a liquid pen in your purse or pocket and you get a blown up pen. However, this pen held up to abuse. you can even shake it with the lid off and not get splattered. Can’t do that with a precise v pen. Also I was out in the field and had difficulty keeping track of my pens out there until I clipped this one on my clip board. The clip is strong enough to be thrown and stepped on and still stay attached to the clip board. With this abuse the rubber grip had to go but the pen is now one of my favorites for its durability.

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