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Home Office at the End of the World: The Rise of the Silver Sofa


Being a person who attempts to carve out a living writing, spaces to brood about the writing process are as important as spaces to create the writing that one broods about. While a desk might be great to drafting those prose gems, a sofa of some sort is where the magic really happens. Where printed out copies of drafts are beaten into submission or tossed in crumpled heaps on the shag area rug. Clearly, a silver sofa would be the most ideal furnishing solution to give the whole experience some much needed glamour.

Apparently shiny things were all the rage in interior decor two or three years ago. Wait, how come nobody told me? And where was I when there were shiny sofas and blingy cocktail tables to be had if one wanted to drop a car note or a mortgage payment for the privilege? Now I’ve never sat or reclined on a Chesterfield style sofa and not come away from the experience with a terribly sore back, but for one in silver poly-coated something or other, I might be inclined to give it another chance. Obviously, if it ever happens to arrive in a box at my front door or is finally offered at a reasonable DTPW? price point. Hmmm Maybe that’s why fancy folks in movies always talk in such clenched tones.

And oh how I love this Silver couch series! Photos of folks sitting on this Vegas showgirl of a sofa!

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