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Design Lust: Night Fever


Black walls in a bathroom? Lonny Mag thinks so.

[via Lonny Mag]

Shelter rags have really gone down hill since the demise of Lucky and even the web feels unsatisfying. It’s pretty sad when you notice the same pics on every shelter vectored site whenever you search for something like say…”dark interior walls”. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel like this particular set of images are becoming old friends. I love this interior trend and probably will long after it’s become passe and possibly cheesy.

Ken Fulk's Hollywood Regency

[Hollywood Regency room by Ken Fulk via Apartment Therapy]

I love everything about this delicious hot mess of a room. It’s so Vegas/Solid Gold, but in the best way possible. I love that giant picture of Liza. The only thing that would make this room even more awesome is if it was in fact Liza’s!

[London home of Abigail Ahren via Design Sponge]

This was the room that first made me lust after dark grey walls. Some might find them dreary, but I really love how elegant and sophisticated they make a space feel. I also like how easy it is to change up the decor without completely having to repaint the space!

Jeremy from Chicago's 2010 Small, Cool Place Entry

[Jeremy’s awesome dark apartment via Apartment Therapy]

The mixture of texture and tones is what made me drool over this room. I don’t really necessarily like all that clustercuss of stuffs, but the bed appeals to me. Still, it’s pretty brave to abandon the desire to make a teeny space look big and embrace its small size with some rich, dark walls. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely my style.

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  1. 04/06/2011 4:07 pm

    I think my reluctance to paint walls dark colors goes back to hearing my parents complain about the black walls and ceilings they found after they kicked out the upstairs tenant for having too many “uncles.” But after seeing how yummy it can feel to be in such a room… well, I’m ready to let the repainting be someone else’s problem.

  2. 04/06/2011 11:22 pm

    But after seeing how yummy it can feel to be in such a room… well, I’m ready to let the repainting be someone else’s problem.

    Ha! That’s the spirit.

  3. 04/10/2011 4:29 pm

    Lucky magazine is still around. If you meant Domino, I completely agree! I miss that magazine so much.

  4. 04/10/2011 8:00 pm

    Nice save, Julia! I totally meant Domino! I miss it fiercely. I like Lonny Mag but it doesn’t have enough pics online.

  5. lawful0evil permalink
    04/11/2011 5:02 pm

    This post makes me want to dye the hideous orange carpet in my lair black. I only just found out about carpet dye, which probably makes me a decade or two behind everyone else, but I’m psyched! The whole house has the second most ludicrously ugly carpet I’ve even seen, right behind my great-aunt’s lime-green shag, and it’s made decorating impossible. NOTHING I like goes with orange.

    It’ll all have to be replaced to sell the house anyway… why not?

    Black carpet and black walls seems like it would make a bunch of small framed posters look really nice, and I have my eye on a very nerdy set. I already have steel-grey sheets, and I should really refinish my dresser anyway.

    I feel inspired!

  6. lawful0evil permalink
    04/11/2011 5:05 pm

    Other comment- I am lusting after my sister-in-law’s gorgeous period Edwardian crown molding and woodwork, and I think a reproduction would look beautiful installed in a room with black walls. I love the idea of a modern room with 1905 details.

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