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Fresh or Tired: Open Shelving


[via apartment therapy]

Design, like most other industries is predicated on getting folks to drop cashmoney on things they probably already have three of, won’t use as often as they think or absolutely don’t need. And because many of us are subconsciously aware of this, they have to find new and exciting ways to seduce us into spending cheddar on solutions by convincing us there are innate things about our personalities contributing to the way in which we navigate our spaces. For example, who knew – at least I didn’t anyway, until I read a post on Apartment Therapy – that I was what those in the design world would term a, “seeker”? That is a person who works better in spaces where everything used – regardless of how often – is out in the open.

[via Traditional Home]

When it comes to the polarizing subject of open shelving, of which I’m a strong proponent of, it definitely helps that I am a very tidy and organized seeker. Nevertheless, I am surprised when friends find it strange that I’d rather put up shelves than use the ample hidden storage scattered throughout my place. Personally, if I’m willing to hide something I might as well donate/trash/recycle it. Obviously, I don’t mind some attractive hidden storage solutions, provided they are worthy of being featured as decor objects as well as being able to keep the reams of grad school papers and thesis drafts out of sight. Paper clutter, tools and various junk drawer regulars are some of the only objects I don’t want to look at – even if they are housed in attractive packaging. Sorry, Pepsodent!

[via casasugar]

To many folks this is probably the image “opening shelving” usually evokes! And I have definitely observed this kind of organizational hot messery and wondered how the person could deal with it. I know I couldn’t!

snap of my kitchen open shelving

Don’t let the zoom fool you; even zoomed out my kitchen shelves are fairly well organized. I was just trying to be “arty” and avoid capturing any snap that would reveal even the tiniest paint “holiday”, which would result in me obsessing about it for a good twenty minutes.

storage in the dining area

In the dining room I used the medium sized Bentwood storage cubes to carve out a space for overflow cups in colors that don’t play nicely with the ones on the main shelf. I like cups, mugs and glasses a lot, despite the fact I use the same mug – yellow – and the same glass – mason jar – for 90% of my drinking. Oh well. I never said I was logical; just organized.

The top pic inspired my kitchen makeover. I love the stormy colored shelving with the creamy and caramel dishware. So pretttty!

Now it’s your turn. Are you a “seeker” or a “hider”? What’s your take on open storage?

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  1. 04/18/2011 3:50 am

    OMG! I too am a “seeker”, though I’d never been aware of the term until now!

    However, I am not nearly so organized. I aspire to be, but I never quite work it out. For years, instead of a traditional dresser, I had a big stack of cubby holes where I kept all my clothes. My grandmother sewed me up some curtains, so I could kind of tuck the teetering stacks away when I wanted to, and it worked really nicely for a long time.

    I’d probably still use them, except I had kid and they just saw the cubbies as something to climb.

    Thank you for giving me a name for how I’ve always been! Up ’til now, I’ve always described myself as someone for whom “out of sight, out of mind” is all too true.

  2. 04/18/2011 2:54 pm

    Loved this! It answered a question about 34 years of marital discord. Seriously. I am a “seeker” married to a “hider”. I am the woman, so it is MY domain – and I suppose it drives him nuts. Ah well. Part of my issue is that if something is put away, there is great likelihood that I’ll forget I have it. Hence the cries of sweet delight whenever something is unearthed from a cupboard or drawer!!

  3. lawful0evil permalink
    04/19/2011 5:21 am

    I don’t CARE if it’s tired. I love it and I want to have its open shelvy babies. I lust after it for my own kitchen.

  4. penacious d permalink
    04/26/2011 4:27 pm

    Dust and disorg are my enemies with open shelves. For 28 yrs, my wife has been rueing the day we bought night-tables with a drawer but big open space beneath the drawer… As a messy fellow, it’s a bit easier to find things in open environment…until piles occur, that is…

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