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April Daily Arsenal


Spring is slowly beginning to make its presence known, which means it’s probably time for me to sort through my writing instruments. Are you sorting through your collection? What’s staying? going? What pens/pencils/markers are you looking to add to your collection?

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  1. penacious d permalink
    04/26/2011 4:23 pm

    Good question; am moving my office and could save a lot of space…well, a little space, by dumping bad pens (or just leaving them for others who don’t fuss over such things…).

    While not politically correct, the PaperMate 1.0 ball point (Item 807746 Model 1757529) biodegradable pen should go back to compost ASAP…what a LOUSY pen…even worse, the clip cracked off first day of use (perhaps a sign of its compostability?) My clients don’t even want em when I leave them in the guest pen cup..

    Picture link:$std$

  2. Millie permalink
    04/30/2011 5:20 pm

    Is that photo your daily arsenal?? That’s loads of pens!! I have four pens in daily rotation now, but I have 15 on display which I could use if needed. The rest are stored away in a drawer for another day.

  3. 04/30/2011 5:34 pm

    @Millie – It is!!!

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