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Behind the Scenes at DTPW?


I'm a Star Wars!

Have I mentioned I LOVE getting mail from y’all! I do. You ask the most interesting, esoteric and hilarious questions. Lately, I’ve been getting a few asking about some “behind the scenes” type stuff. Like where I actually do my reviews – on the new futon y’all helped make happen – or what happens to the pics I don’t end up using. An eagle eye reader who noticed I seem to select pics near the end of the “roll”. Ha. I do.

This is my staging area. Out of shot is the dark “wood” table I use for items that are light colored. This area of the living room gets the best light and if I position myself properly it also provides me the least amount of distraction from all the home improvement projects I keep meaning to get to. Longtime readers can see Mandy Patinkin, the table and its glorious new paint job.

When I was working on Magna Blast v @ the Office Pens I was all about the green ones. That is until I went to do the writing sample. Oops. I guess it was one of those hacks I’d forgotten about. It was a bummer too because I took some really fab snaps.

I was going to use one of the images in this series for a “matching end tables: yea or nay” until I noticed there were a stack of hastily folded janky blankets. This was after like – I don’t know – ten shots.

This little hot mess was to be an upcoming diy project tutorial, until it turned into a craftfail. Fortunately, the awesome Heather of Dollar Store Crafts knows how to take the juice of pre-sucked lemons and turn them into lemonade. She is my craft/decor/d.i.y. hero

Music often comes up in the questions and all I can say is I’m mostly listening to songs I want to sing at karaoke. Never trust a big butt and a smile!

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