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Endangered Office Supply Products: The Hole Puncher


When I was a kid, a staple (pun intended) of playing “office” – oh yes, I loved playing me some office – besides a cup filled with pens, binders, paper and some of my mom’s discarded file folders my corporation was not complete without a hole puncher. One of those government issue looking jobs that looked a little like the instrument shoe salespeople use to measure your feet. I am more than a little fascinated by origin stories of everyday products around my home. So it was with hole puncher. Friedrich Soennecken applied for the patent in 1886 and over hundred years later, you’d be hard pressed to find someone outside the scrap-ing community who gives much thought to hole punchers or Friedrich Soennecken for that matter. As our world become increasingly more digital – ha, that totally sounds like the set up for some badly written spamlinkbaiting global marketing solutions type blog post – is there still a place for the humble hole puncher? Does your home office even have one?

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  1. 05/27/2011 9:11 am

    I work from home 8 hrs a week and have to punch a lot of things into 2 lever arch files. I recently had to upgrade my hole punch into a proper office one that can do 25 pages rather than the crappy-from-WHSmith thing I had before. I am such a geek and was all OOOH A HOLE PUNCH.

  2. 05/27/2011 2:00 pm

    Do I have one? Absofreakinlutely!! How else can I get all the crap I print from the internet into my massive collection of binders???

  3. 05/27/2011 4:38 pm

    Absolutely! The documents I trust to paper go through my trusty 3-hole and into a binder.

    I even bought an A4 puncher in Germany to fit the EU binder and A4 paper there.

  4. glenda permalink
    05/27/2011 11:10 pm

    O, yes! Not only one of these, but a single-hole punch, a punch-type that drills through thick paper or in odd places, a two-hole punch & one of those from Day-Timer for punching 7-holes! 😀

  5. 06/01/2011 11:51 pm

    Not that I’ve used one in a long while, but back-to-school shopping was never complete without one of the compact models that was itself punched to fit in the back of a 3-ring binder.

  6. 06/08/2011 5:20 am

    I have one! I love my 3-hole-punch, though it doesn’t get used as much these days as it used to. I keep misplacing it, and have to keep it out of the reach of my 3-year-old. Now, I mainly use it to punch holes in new choir music so I can put it in my nifty black choir folder.

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