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Daily Pen: Post-It Flag Pen Classic in White


Pen Addict started a nifty project called #onepenoneday that totally intrigued me. This passage in particular especially resonated with me:

I am notoriously pen ADD, meaning I can’t just use one pen all day long and be content. I always talk myself into reasons why I need to swap pens, get five of them out for a project, or really any excuse just to switch it up.


Can I get a what what? I am the queen of having way too many pens for no good reason. The simple act of drafting a to-do list requires lining up several pens! Forget writing in my journal; I can’t do it without a sack of pens nearby. I even announce in the journal when I’ve switched pens (pen change! – name of pen) write about why I made the change and how long it’ll take me to get back to what I was writing about.

I totally thought sticking to one pen a day would be kind of fun, but it turns out the novelty wears off rather quickly – even if you like the pen. In fact, I should probably do the one pen a day sitch when I’m going to review a pen because it’s a great way to have a complete experience with the writing instrument. When the high of new pen fumes dulls and you’re staring at the barrel of that damn pen for what feels like centuries suddenly you’re not as interested in glossing over any deficits. Naturally, this is probably only true of real pen fanatics.

So the Post-It Flag Pen Classic is one of my favorites and I’ve written about it extensively. It’s one of the pens that crystallized everything I loved about pens and nudged me into blogging about them. Of course, that’s all very thrilling, until you have to spend an entire day writing with it. While the black barrel version is sleek and sassy, the white barrel is crisp, but not without a few flaws. Namely, this one had some awful hot pink ink that simply did not work for me. I had to cannibalize the pen – don’t ask; I don’t remember what I did – with parts of a broken black barreled one (a victim of one my failed pen hacking attempts) and that improved its performance substantially. That said, in white, the barrel construction doesn’t seem as regal and the pen looks every bit like the kind usually emblazoned with the name of a pharmaceutical that causes dry mouth, watery eyes and uncontrollable flatulence. Yeah, I made a fart joke; deal with it.


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