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Daily Pen: Kmart No-Name Pen/Highlighter


I was pretty fortunate to discover them during the last hurrah of the ’09 school supply season and actually only paid $0.50/set. Of course that meant I purchased more of them than I probably needed. I am dazzled by their barrel design – sleek and surprisingly fancy looking. I got several inquiries from interested parties whenever I would use these pens. They are also my lost leader pens. Meaning, I have released many of them – namely the purple and orange – into the world to make lives for themselves beyond the set.

Since they are ballpoint there is no reason to believe their writing performance breaks any new ground. They are perfectly serviceable, though not spectacular. The highlighter is also decent – albeit not remarkable. Nothing worth noting about either.That said, they are hackable! I have hacked a few of them with mini gel pen ink. That’s the rub – you have to use mini gel replacements and even then you still might need to do some more snipping. The hacks, however, have held up and thus allowing me to give away even more of these pens. I’m pretty sure I don’t need ten of each pen.

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