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Summer is for…Reruns!


Spinz Pen – I am a pen spinner. In college I would write notes with my right hand and spin pens in my left. I’d slide an uncapped pen in the crotch of my middle and ring finger and get my spin on. My goal was always to get fifty consecutive rotations…(read the rest)

Copic Multiliner SP – Like Kaluha mudpie slushes, The Copic Multiliner SP is a sometimes food; that’s largely due to price. That said, it’s worth every penny. For starters these pens are sustainable. You can changes the nibs and refill the ink. Despite my love of pen shopping, I find lack of sustainability rapidly becoming a deal breaker. …(read the rest)

Working on a Love Letter: Review of Secret Admirer – Writer-Director David Greenwalt’s 1985 film Secret Admirer is not a brilliant film. It’s not even a great film when measured against cohorts of the B-list 1980s teen comedy romp fests. And let’s be real honest, folks. The only reason C. Thomas Howell ever rose to a DB Sweeney level of fame was he expertly exploited the C. Thomas Howell – Timothy Hutton conflation happening at that time.…(read more)

I Just Pick Up My [expletive redacted] Landline Phone and Dial – I went cell phone exclusively about ten years ago and it’s fine when I’m actually in Virginia, where my phone number is from and oddly enough, the folks there allow for the possibility of having another area code. Conversely, this has caused me great trouble (and suspicion) in Vermont, which is a tad more dogmatic in its area code pride. Perhaps some bitterness at not being included in Ludicris’ jam:…(read more)

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