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Endless Summer?


How are you savoring the last days of summer? I vacillate between pretending summer isn’t drawing to a close and wishing it would hurry up and be time to wear my slouchy sweaters leggings, gourmand scents and Wellies.

Michaels was having a super blowout clearance and I scored this yellow ceramic bird for $1.19. I absolutely adore ceramic birds and I don’t care if that’s tired or been overdone.

Tutti Dolci products from Bath & Bodyworks are long gone! They were attractively packaged, moderately pleasing line of gourmand vectored products that I scored when they were 80% or more off. They were not big sellers in VT, which is how I was able to get a bunch of the super rare flavors like this here chocolate one. Oddly enough, I only purchased this $1.99 tub of bittersweet chocolate lotion for the stunning heavy glass container. I planned to use it for something else, which of course has never happened. I recently tried the chocolate lotion again and found that it was a lot less cloying than I previously believed. That said, how long does lotion last before it spoils?

For some reason this song feel like the perfect tune to help me say goodbye to summer.

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  1. 09/22/2011 4:16 am

    I buy a lot of B&BW fragrance products, including lotions, and in my personal experience, their products will remain stable for YEARS, which is good for me because I buy so many that it takes eons to use them up. I know I have some body sprays and lotions that are at least ten years old, and they smell completely fine, with no separation, cloudiness, or any other degradation that I can detect.

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