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Novelty Pens: Combi-Lock Pen


“This novelty pen is the ideal deterrent for any pen thief! The Combination Lock Novelty Pen has a 4 number lock that has to be cracked before the pen can be used.” goes the dynamic copy for this most novel of novelty pens: Combi-Lock Pen I found in a torn package at Borders. Yeah, they’re still doing their “last gasp” sales, which are starting to feel like those furniture stores in the 90s that seemed to have perpetual going out of business sales.

This pen is fantastic, but also a bit of a bummer as the torn package did not come with any instructions! I had to fumble around awhile before I could figure out how the hell to get the toggle to work with a combination. The other thing is it’s fairly easy to reset the pen, which means it’s not going to deter pen thieves. Unless they’re the kind who don’t like stealing pens that are novel, notable or attract a lot of attention. Basically what will keep this pen from being stolen in the fact it’s pretty striking and quite a conversation starter.

I do love its wide barrel, though the texture of the barrel makes getting a solid grip a bit tricky. Again, this is a novelty pen at its most novel. It’s not really meant to be use as an actual pen, though it write about as nice as any other pen in its product class.

It does write quite smoothly and is easily hackable/refillable. It is probably my current favorite in my vast collection of novelty pens and I get tickled every time slide the combination in place and successfully click the toggle. It makes me feel all Leverage-y.


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