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Classic Broadline Markers: Cra-z-Art vs Crayola


During the school supply season, which sadly is winding down, I noticed some of the big box retailers had replaced the low cost Crayola alternative Rose Art with an even lower cost alternative Cra-Z-Art. I don’t know if has always gone on, but I only noticed it recently when I realized the cheaper brand I was carting to the register was not the oft purchased Rose Art, but a plucky upstart!

The differences are most notable in the materials used in Cra-Z-Art markers. I noticed a marked decline in plastic quality of the Cra-Z-Art, which only is a problem if you are trying to balance value with durability. Rose Art is the better Crayola knockoff.

Line performance was okay, but the ink itself seems a bit ashy when compared to the Crayola hues each marker attempted to approximate. It’s only going to be noticeable when in direct competition, but it’s something to consider since the price was only about $.10 cheaper than Rose Art. Also, these are not as durable when put to the “misplaced cap” test. After about ten minutes sans cap, the pink marker was streaky and worthless. I revived it with some water, but well, cheap markers are never quite right after that.

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  1. Jean permalink
    09/21/2011 12:52 pm

    So, did you ever find a replacement for your SRX770? I’m finally down to my last one…I cleaned out three local WalMarts years ago…and I’m going into shock!

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