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One Minute Reviews: Lego Star Wars Connect and Build Pens


You know I can’t turn loose a novelty pen and when combined with anything Star Wars related…well it’s just going to be virtually impossible to say too much bad.

The Lego Star Wars Connect and Build Pen have been a part of my stable of novelty pens since I received Darth Vader a year or two ago from Babby. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t especially thrilled with the way Lord Vader handled daily wear and tear. Within about a week of moderate use his little cape was just as raggedy as it could be. I finally had to put the cape out of its misery because I couldn’t keep that janky cape on such a stylish and ruthless leader.

The poor Stoormtrooper lost his little hands minutes after this photo was snapped. But let’s talk turkey: with hands…without hands, there’s probably not gonna be a noticeable change in a stormtroopers competency. Basically, this means this is not really a pen/toy for little kids. There are way too many tiny pieces. Leaving aside choking hazard, I’m talking about aggravation hazard as you will be nagged half to death to find the lost pieces of this pen because they are tiny and not especially stable. Still, I do think the pen is super cute. However it is NOT a mini figure. The figure part doesn’t come off. so if you’re considering buying it for that reason your mellow will be harshed.

Just writing with the pens will knock the Carmen Miranda hats right off the top. Let’s not even talk about how silly those random shiny pieces look on top of the pens. I don’t think you’re supposed to put them all on at once, but I don’t know what else to do with them, since I only got about ten minutes of fun connecting and disconnecting them from the pens.

The ink is standard black ballpoint fare and I think the pen is refillable. I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet, but so far it hasn’t been a pressing need. These pens write FOREVER! And price isn’t bad either. usually between $5 – $7!

I covet the C-3P0 pen!

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  1. emily permalink
    09/27/2012 4:24 am

    have you figured out how to refill it yet? 🙂


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