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More Hello Kitty Stick Pens!


Target’s $1 front-of-the-store craptatorium was on fire the day I found these pens. Last time I was felled by love of Hello Kitty I walked away from the experience decidedly disappointed. Not so this time! Maybe it was a bad batch or old inventory happening with the prior purchase, because these pens were actually kind of awesome. Because they’re Hello Kitty there’s no need to wax about their adorableness. Because they’re Hello Kitty there’s no need to expect high quality writing performance. Perhaps it is possible to find high performing Hello Kitty pens – probably in the same fantagical universe where Staples Opiflow pens don’t tear up your paper when you try to write – but I’m not girl for that quest.

At $1 a pop these are perfect for adding a little cute to your lost leader pen cup!

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  1. 02/11/2012 9:15 am

    All of the original Japanese Sanrio pens and pencils are very good quality. I have a nice collection that spans years of collecting when we had Sanrio stores in all the shopping malls in my area. You can still get some of the Sanrio merch from Morning Glory or Art Box stores.

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