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Orla Kiely Notebooks


Orla Kiely notebooks caught my eye during one of those late night surfing stints where it feels like you might actually come to the end of the internet. I can’t remember which website finally led me to these products, but I was smitten with everything but the spendy price tag!

Then a couple of weeks ago while wandering through American Eagle (of all places) looking to satisfy my deep discount hoodie and gray yoga pant fix I spied a display of all kinds of weird and wonderful stationery, soaps and stuffs I normally never see there and it was all an additional 50% off! So instead of the scoff-inducing retail price of $16 for the Lattice Flower & Rhododendron Check B5 Layflat Notebook Set I scored them for – wait for it – $3.49!!! Despite playing it cool on the outside I was squealing on the inside. Because a couple of other things I’d been lusting after were also being offered at rock bottom prices that nearly made me get up on a display table and do that Eriq La Salle ER opening credits move.

So yeah, I love me a bargain priced adorable notebook, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For starters, I wasn’t as thrilled with the paper as I expected to be. Don’t get me wrong – yes, I’m totally humming THIS – they are lovely, high quality notebooks, but I think I’ve been using Rhodia products too long because most other papers leave me feeling meh. It’s not like I expect paper to perform some great flight-o-fancy so I’m not exactly sure who died and made me head snob at the paper rodeo.

Since I haven’t opened the notebooks – I’m weird about opening sealed notebooks before I actually use them. Something about bad juju – I can’t say for sure that I’ll suck my teeth every time I put pen to these things, but I wouldn’t pay $16 for them despite the gorgeous patterns they come in. That said, they are totally fun, probably magical and make me feel happy just looking at them. Okay, so maybe I would pay full price for them. Are you an Orla Kiely fan? Have you tried these notebooks? How do you think they compare to similar products by other companies?

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  1. 02/13/2012 5:20 pm

    What cute notebooks! I love finding unexpected bargains like that. Great find!

  2. 02/14/2012 9:10 pm

    Wow this is the only thing that might ever get me entering an American Eagle store. The blue one especially … I am due a new notebook; I only have two blank ones left on hand!

  3. lucy permalink
    09/06/2012 2:00 am

    Wow! When I first read the post, I didn’t think $16 was too much to pay. But then these notebooks are not just $16. I was just checking out at the Orla Kiely website and my total was $28. I really want these notebooks but I can’t justify spending $30!


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