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Archie Grand Notebooks for Friend or Foe


Archie Grand Notebooks

Archie Grand Notebooks are my newest office supply addiction. The cheeky Swedish brand of products for “shopaholics, artists, royal´s and 55 other breeds of charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries” has a collection of juicy pop colored sketchbooks, notebooks and tea towels in hues rivaling skittles. It’s like my notebook dream come true.


If my reading of the about page is correct, Archie Grand wants us all to live more creatively. They even have some ideas as to how to go about this task:

    How do we start?

    I would say to you ”Start using your hands your eyes and your mind. Use them to: Create, record, write, cut and paste. Use everyday objects, bus tickets, photographs news articles, love letters , etc., etc. Use scissors and scalpels, glue and pens, paint, a chain-saw, cut past and build”

I Met and Like is the jumping off point for the notebooks, but obviously, you aren’t actually required to follow the covers explicitly. This is a good thing because I’m pretty sure “Designers I Met and Liked” would be nothing but a blank ass notebook. But there will be no blank Archie Grand notebooks on my watch because they are too beautifully constructed (inside and out) to go to waste.

Archie Grand has also solved my yellow sketchbook problem (as in I couldn’t find one) and so I’m sure I’ll be writing about these notebooks rather obsessively over the course of the next few months as I amass my collection. Slowly, of course, because they are rather spendy. I was lucky to score my first stash of them for about $1.25. I know. You totally hate me right now.

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  1. princess coldheart permalink
    02/21/2012 11:11 pm

    i love these posts! you have rekindled my love for journaling/notebooks! i have some really pretty ones, that need to be documented and you are my inspiration!

  2. 02/21/2012 11:44 pm

    Yay twin! I’m gonna try to update more because I’m feeling like I’m getting my groove back and I’m finally settled from my move. 🙂

  3. 02/22/2012 12:36 am

    Watching you stack brightly colored notebooks is like watching a kid playing with legos.

  4. 02/22/2012 1:14 am

    That’s an interesting concept for a notebook. I wonder if they come in a “Politicians I met and liked” flavor? I kid. I like the colors. Would be a lot more eye appealing mixed into a bookshelf than a notebook with a blank cover would.

  5. 02/22/2012 6:52 pm

    @ww(h): Ha! They do actually have a “Politicians I met and liked”!!!

  6. 02/22/2012 6:53 pm

    @redlami: Aww. Thank you. LOL.

  7. Manny D. permalink
    02/27/2012 11:37 pm

    You don’t need a whole notebook for that. Probably a couple of sheets of paper will do.

  8. Manny D. permalink
    02/27/2012 11:44 pm

    2 Questions I have on these notebooks —
    (1) on the Orange color one, how come the type on the spine edge is smaller than the others? and
    (2) Where are these being sold in the Southern California area of the United States?

    Thanking all in advance — Manny D.

  9. 02/28/2012 1:58 am

    To Manny D.

    re: orange notebook writing – My guess is because the word “photographers” is longer than most of the occupations they use for their notebook. I’m not sure where to get them in CA, but the website lists online resources for the product. Hope this helps.

  10. 03/01/2012 1:52 pm

    They totally have a Politicians version:

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