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Royal Brites® Poster Letters (with Free Glue Stick)!


Like 2-ply toilet paper, cell phones and peel layer popcan biscuits, Royal Brites® Poster Letters files neatly into “How did I live so long without these???” category. Does a person who has never seen the inside of a middle school science fair or a church bake sale really need 4″ jumbo neon letters? Who’s to say? But it doesn’t take a budding rocket scientist or a baking church lady to see the value of such a product! Don’t get me started on that FREE GLUESTICK, which just further sweetens the pot.

Oh my xena, indeed

I’ll be honest, I have no real world use for this product: I have no children, no upcoming garage sales – hell I don’t even poster board! But when has that ever stopped me from wholeheartedly embracing a product? What I do have is a love of color and a condition called “Synesthesia”, which causes me no harm, sounds like something people say about themselves to seem more interesting and completely explains my obsession with colorful alphanumeric fridge magnets.

    I have what’s known as Synesthesia,
    which expresses itself in a couple of different ways, but mine expresses itself primarily in two ways:

    I involuntarily associate numbers/letters with certain colors
    I involuntarily experience Days, Months, Shapes, Objects as having specific personality traits and colors. For example, July = Aqua.

Okay, Duddley, make yours like mine...

Made from construction paper, these 4″ letters are reusable (unless you like shellac them to something and then they’d just be disposable) come jam packed with many color options for each letter/number. Oddly, they are not in alphanumeric order! I had to hunt around to find the letter I wanted, which made me wonder if perhaps the alphabet order had changed and I had not been notified. The paper is a bit flimsy so if you’re planning to use them with little ones…well at least you have several of each letter. I also didn’t find the hues to be particular neon. I mean they’re definitely going to alert motorists to your “NO EARLY BIRD” garage sale policy, but most likely you’re not going to be dazzled by their light neon love.

As these were a holiday gift from Babby, I’m assuming they’re pretty easy to find in stores that sell office and art supplies.

Seriously does there need to be a reason for Bill Withers?

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  1. 05/16/2012 7:57 pm

    I really really want these, OMG – how did I EVER live without??
    Only available in…where?


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