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Black & White & Rad All Over


Despite being well entrenched in big box retailers by the end of June, I refused to publicly discuss Back-to-School season until the end of July. Thus far, Target has wowed me the most with its assortment of Geometric themed dinnerware, its color palette (lots of tangerine, aqua and teal) and its price points. Like, I’m not even going to off to college this fall, but I am so wanty of all things black and white geometric at Target.

B&W Geometric Mug – Target – $2.99

Now is as good a time as any to confess my addiction to coffee mugs. I love them. And emboldened and validated by the set decorator from ABC’s Revenge who showcased the same $1.99 teal coffee mugs I own I’ve gone on a bit of a mug buying spree of late. Okay, so it’s only been two mugs, but honestly, I’m pretty sure having a cupboard filled with attractive unused coffee mugs is the height of suburban excess and decadence. Probably more so than good-good china and separate spendy drinkware for various kinds of boozes. I love this coffee mug so much it’s impossible to pry it loose from my hands to photograph it.

Black Lamy Safari Rollerball – various fine writing retailers – $30

Just how amazing is the Lamy Safari Rollerball pen? Oh it’s so amazing, it’s PRETTY MUCH THE REASON THE BLOGGING HAS EVAPORATED. All the years of looking for the “perfect” pen. It turns out once you have a Lamy Safari, you don’t have to look anymore. Remember that time I said, “I’d rather have 10 $2 pens than one $20 pen…” yeah, Lamy Safari changes things, yo. And since my default (budget priced pen) has long since been discontinued, I upgraded. So now I’m spending the same amount on pens, except it’s for ONE pen and it’s every 6 months or so. The shiny black one is my newest addition (generously gifted to me. thanks to you know who) and I suppose I should set my sights on the white one. I don’t know. I have so many feelings about white barrel pens, the least of which is the unease of needing them all the time clean looking and the kind of consumption of my time it’ll require.

Ceramic Owl Pencil Cup – Target – $2.50

Just because we spent all our bills on a pen doesn’t mean we have to scrimp on style when it comes to our pen holder. Target’s front-of-the-store bargain crapatorium yielded this unexpected bit of owl shaped awesomeness. I really debated over whether to get the black or the white owl (and damn, at these rock bottom prices I should have gotten both), but in the end I chose the white one and I love it so.

Archie Grand ‘Friend or Foe’ Notebooks – $12.99

It’s a been a few months since I was introduced to the wonderful world of Archie Grand notebooks and I’m happy to report the love affair continues. While full sized sketchbooks dominate daily journaling and such, I find myself using these notebooks for everything else. Yes, it’s true, I’m cheating on graph rule index cards w/ Archie Grand notebooks. If I were currently enrolled in school I would totally use Archie Grand notebooks – a different color for each class – and fill these 4 x 6ish jeweled tone gems with all manner of academic blathery. Also: “blathery” needs to be a real word.

Notebooks do not have to be spendy to be stylish, fabulous and yield a pleasurable writing experience. And it seems like every year the selection of $.50 composition notebooks gets a little more exciting, even if the quality stays the same. This year’s batch takes its cues from the typographic moment we seem to be having in home interiors. While I’m not immune to the trend it’s nice to see it on a notebook rather than someone’s kitchen wall.

Filthy Biker Bad Ass Licorice Soap – Filthy Farmgirl Soap – $8

Licorice soap. Okay so it’s mostly a ruse to get you to check out my ongoing and impressive list of Filthy Farmgirl soaps I’ve lathered with, but still, if you’re going off to school or starting school or even sitting there doing nothing but drinking coffee at some point you’re gonna need a shower. And therefore you’re gonna need this soap.

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  1. Mike permalink
    07/31/2012 3:08 pm

    Great post! Great to see you some new content. (hint hint)

  2. Evelyn L. permalink
    07/31/2012 3:15 pm

    Composition notebooks are my weakness. i have to force myself not to buy a million of them every time I go to the store. I wish I could find the composition notebooks in the plain black and white marble cover. Can’t seem to find those anywhere.

  3. Melissa permalink
    07/31/2012 3:18 pm

    Broke my favorite coffee mug at work and have been using one of the stained community mugs. (gross I KNOW) Now I know where I’m going after work to get another one! I have to have that mug.

  4. 07/31/2012 3:44 pm

    The classic black and white marbled books are still there, you just have to dig past all the new hotness. I’ve always loved them too, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who ever used a blue ballpoint pen to fill in all the white areas while bored in Social Studies.

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